South Craven Walking 4 Health Group

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Set up in 2008, South Craven Walking 4 Health is a volunteer-led health walk scheme and is part of the Ramblers 'Walking for Health' national network. We provide short 'health walks' (30-90 minutes) for people wishing to improve their health & general well-being and have some exercise. We are a friendly and mutually supportive group. In addition to the health benefits, walkers:
  • See and enjoy our splendid scenery in South Craven
  • Share heritage knowledge
  • Meet new people and have fun!
We try to ensure that the length of walk and pace undertaken suits walkers' needs. The walks take place on:
  • Mondays & Thursdays - Morning Daytime walks
  • Wednesdays - Summer Evenings Walks (April-August) primarily for people in sedentary or stressful jobs and lone workers.

What Our Walkers Say

What they like about our 'health walks'...
  • 'exercise & social contact'
  • 'friendship and concern of everyone'
  • 'interesting places I've never seen'
  • 'excellent leadership, acceptance of being able to go at own pace and distance ...variation excellent'

Contact us

Andy Glen, Coordinator, 01535-632734,

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