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Paul Wilkinson
Saturday, October 4, 2008 11:36
Growth Point proposal
Craven District Council's faceless policy makers are walking in a LEGAL MINEFIELD with their proposal to recklessly overdevelop the villages of Sutton, Cross Hills and Glusburn on largely greenfield sites, a significant proportion of which are on land designated by the Environment Agency* as at risk from flooding.

"Growth Points" are the sibling of the Government's barmy "eco-towns" initiative.

They know they are walking in a legal minefield. They now need to know that we know, and that we will challenge them at every turn.

*For starters, have a look at the Environment Agency website at

...enter your postcode at the right hand side where it says "Are you at risk of flooding? Enter your postcode or placename to find out now" and look at the flood map. Zoom in to 1:20000 scale and compare the blue flood risk areas with the map of the proposed developments.

You couldn't make it up!
Wednesday, October 8, 2008 21:02
Interesting that this is parallelled with "eco-towns". The whole thing seems predicated on an attempt to regenerate Leeds. Quite apart from the laughability of the notion of the government "creating" thousands of jobs anywhere, it is unclear how putting the workforce for those jobs 20-odd miles away up a railway line is either environmentally sound, or economically sensible.

It is not possible to operate commuter railways over any distance, without ending up with "cattle-truck syndrome" at the rush-hours, or expensively-transported off-peak air. Usually both. The railways are expensive and many newly-created jobs will not pay the best.

So someone isn't doing his sums. Or, more likely, someone is doing bodge-it-and-leg-it policy and not bothering to think it through. Which means that all the damage that the exercise is doing to the ability to protect the village against bad planning isn't even *for* anything.

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