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Andrew Monkhouse
Monday, December 24, 2007 11:11
Merry Christmas Sutton
Just wanted to convey a Merry Christmas to all Suttoner’s living in the village and elsewhere.

Here in Skippy Land, Xmas dinner in 30 + degree heat is just not the same. No Robin Redbreasts, snowmen or chestnuts roasting on an open fire ! And watching the Skips continuously beat everybody at cricket is almost unbearable, but we did flog ‘em in the rugby world cup – twice in a row, which more than makes up for it !

A big thanks to the webmaster Paul for listing my 'contributions' this year, particularly the old cine footage from 1959. This web-site is an extraordinary vehicle for Suttoner's of all ages and in all corners of the world to communicate with one another. Unimaginable only a few years ago

So a big Christmas cheer to you Paul and everyone else, time for me to crack open a tinnie or three, pop some kanga' bangers on the barbe’ and crank up the air-conditioning in the house !

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