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Alan Pickles
Friday, May 27, 2011 18:48
Bent Lane photograph.
To the couple responsible for the publication of this particular photograph can I say a great big "THANK YOU". This was the view that we had from our lounge window at "Kenmore", the bungalow built by our father in the field opposite. A similar photo appears in the Glyn Whiteoak collection but this one is as clear as a bell. I can see Mr and Mrs Birtwhistle, Mr and Mrs Spencer, Mr, and Mrs Wigglesworth and family at their front doors or peering out of the windows. Stawberry Cottage on the end had the added advantage of a large garden which allowed us an uninterrupted view over to Farnhill moor. Thanks again, it has stirred up a few more memories of life in Sutton as a child and teenager.
David Laycock
Saturday, May 28, 2011 04:30
Hi Alan,
I wasn't sure if it was the ones across from you. Doesn't it look different? Were the cottages built next door to yours, where my cousin John used to live before the big move up into the Clough, well nearly? I was thinking they might have been the row up in Riddeough's farm (that used to be).
Alan Pickles
Sunday, May 29, 2011 19:15
The cottages are across the other side of Bent Lane from our house. The one on the left of the picture as you look at it is the one next to the gap which you ran out of to stop Colonel Bateman's car. Then comes Holly Bank where Alec Crossley lived. I was talking to him last Tuesday in Keighley and your name was mentioned in that conversation. Apparently he reads the Forum but is loathe to join in. The cottages at the Bent Farm on that side of the road were only small and I think two in number. The cow byre was next to them and then the barn. Its a long time since I walked up that way bu I'm sure that Brenda will know better than I as she lived there for a while. Your cousin John lived at Thorn Croft which is the bottom semidetached next to Kenmore where we lived. I had left the village before he went to live there.
Hope that you are now well on the road to recovery.
John Pickles
Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire
Monday, May 30, 2011 21:32
First post here. My connection to Sutton is my father Denis & my uncle Alan.
I saw this picture and it brought back many memories of visiting Sutton, staying at Grandma's house, 'Kenmore' in Bent Lane and seeing the houses opposite as in the picture. We were in Sutton staying at Bankfoot Farm back in March and fell in love with with the place all over again.
David Laycock
Monday, May 30, 2011 23:22
Hi John, Good hear from another branch of the Pickles family, hope you join your father and uncles in their many interesting views. I can understand your feelings on your visit to the Village. All the best from Aus. ex Crag View.
Brenda Whitaker was Grime
Queensland Australia
Thursday, June 2, 2011 05:50
Hi guys - gosh you are right, brings back a lot of memories. Firstly when I used to help deliver milk for Norman Reddiough (cant even remember the correct spelling!) and then later after I married and lived at Bent Cottages for about a year - there were a couple on the right hand side and two and the farmhouse on the left - ours was very tiny tucked into the corner between the larger one and the farmhouse. I remember being told it was originally the dairy. The only way to the clothes line at the back was through the kitchen window... or walk all the way round!! The cupboard in the kitchen was always cool because it was just dug out of a very very thick wall. I am pretty sure Alan Catterall and Pauline Bond lived in the same cottage when they married.
Last time I was in Sutton I did wander up to have a look but didn't actually recognise the farm it has changed so much.
When arriving back from work it was a good walk past Kenmore and the houses in the photo on the right - and if my shopping was very heavy I used to leave it under the hedge for my husband to pick up on his way home. Crikey, not sure you could do things like that today.
Reddiough's were very good to me, I was still guide captain at the time and they let some guides camp out in the fields at the back ...oh happy days.

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