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Alan Smith
Friday, May 25, 2018 12:38
House price deferential between Airedale&Wharfedale.
Visiting Ilkley mostly every other Saturday mornings ( my wife Glenys working as a vulunteer in the friends shop at Airedale alternate Saturday afternoons ) I look in the windows of various estate agents and I am amazed at the prices that are being sort for the properties in Wharfedale ,last Saturday things were fairly quiet due the royal wedding and looking in the window of one agents the assistant came outside and asked if she could be of assistance,having explained to her that we as pensioners from over the hill in Airedale were just browsing.
I then put to her my pet theory regarding the effect the ‘post codes’ had on house prices,her answer supported my theory and in the case of Sutton-in-Craven if our postal address ended Nr Skipton,North Yorkshire, my house would be worth 50k more,so how many of us living a village that has all the great benefits ours has can say we have bought a bargain.
Joan M. Tindale
Thursday, June 7, 2018 16:33
All to do with the sorting office I was told a while ago? We are BD22 (Bradford) in Cowling - and I think so is Skipton? Its all mad, and should be rectified. At one time we were getting Bradford Council's very good quality newsletters through the post, when we are in the Craven/ North Yorkshire District?Such a waste of Bradford Met's funds.

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