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Sharon Younger Councillor
Steeton with Eastburn Parish Council
Friday, May 16, 2014 15:08
Steeton with Eastburn Celebrates le Tour de France 6th July
Steeton with Eastburn Parish Council and a group of locals are organising a day of family fun in Steeton village on 6th July to celebrate the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire and more closely, along the bypass at the bottom of the village.

We are providing facilities for visitors and locals as they come in to the village by car (parking for over 500 cars will be available at Airedale Hospital) or by bus or walking.

As visitors make their way to the race route at the Silsden/Steeton by-pass they can enjoy our pop up cafe in the Hub. The carnival pre-race cavalcade Tour procession will start at approx 10am on the by-pass (apparently they shower spectators with free gifts!). The race passes at 12pm - 12.30pm -ish. When the race has been and gone, a short walk back to the village to carry on the fun.

Locals and visitors are invited to get together to enjoy an afternoon of fun in the village. The race provides a good excuse for Steeton with Eastburn to have it's first gala day in years so we hope locals will join us and enjoy their day in Steeton.

The main gala field will be in the recreation ground on Keighley Road, nr Steeton Primary School. The bouncy castle, puppet show, face painters, hair and nail salon are free to visitors and we have agreed the lowest price possible for all other rides and attractions so the gala can be enjoyed by everyone. Why not bring a picnic, weather permitting or eat at our catering van. There are plenty of places to sit and watch the world passes by. Afternoon tea will be served in the Hub.

The Goats Head pub, Hub and St Stephen's Church in Steeton will be showing live coverage of the race throughout the day so you can see the race passing at the bottom of Station Road with a pint or a cup of tea in your hand and still be in the buzz of it all!

We have a Facebook page where we put our updates including travel updates, So even if you are not interested in the race you may find the travel updates useful so will be worth hitting the pages like button.

Children's design competition is being launched in next few days so keep an eye out for details.
Alan Pickles
Saturday, May 17, 2014 19:11
I am considering coming through to watch the race. You say that there will be space for parking for 500 vehicles in the hospital area, having visited Airedale this afternoon to see a friend and struggled to find somewhere to park is this facility going to be denied those visiting Airedale on that day or is an alternative being provided?
Yvonne Wiseman
Saturday, May 17, 2014 20:24
I too have concers with the vehicles parking at the hospital, given that most staff are on standby to work that weekend ( myself being one
Alan Pickles
Thursday, May 22, 2014 18:06
It looks as though I may have hit a raw nerve. Are Steeton with Eastburn Parish Council unable to give an answer to my question?
Howard Barrett
Thursday, May 22, 2014 22:16

If you are not too fussy where you watch the race from, a smart move might be to catch the train from Bingley to Steeton & Silsden, at which point you will only have to walk about 100m to the roundabout to see the entourage travel from Silsden and onto the Keighley-bound carriageway of the trunk road, which some say will be a special timed section.

Better still, if you can walk half a mile, the race is coming past our front gate!

I assume that you are aware that the roads on the route will be closed from around 05.30 until (estimated) second half of the afternoon to allow for the clearing of infrastructure and crowd dispersal. Closures of roads joining the route, other than at the intersections seem to be being kept close to the Council's chest, but it may be possible, for instance, to get into Silsden, providing you don't need to cross the route, in which case the road over the tops from East Morton to Silsden might be a possibility. Similarly, for Sutton residents, the road over Kildwick Grange or from Bradley might allow you to get into Silsden but not cross it. It is said that some of these roads are designated "blue-light" roads for emergency vehicles only, hence a possible reason for lack of information.
Alan Pickles
Friday, May 23, 2014 17:30
Thank you for the information. If I do decide to come along then I might avail myself of your hospitality. No sugar in the coffee. It certainly sounds as though the whole valley is going to grind to a halt.
Howard Barrett
Saturday, May 24, 2014 15:41

You certainly don't need to bring your flask and potted-meat sandwiches (or even mock-crab sandwiches seeing as you attended Sutton Baptist Sunday School!).

Could Paul please provide Alan with my contact details.

Thanks in advance.
Howard Barrett
Friday, July 4, 2014 10:56

I don't have any contact details for you but if you intend coming to the event on Sunday and you opt to use the train, walk into Silsden until you are level with the Jet petrol station, at which time you will be outside the former Grouse pub/restaurant. Look further up towards the canal bridge and you will note a large hedge surrounding our garden, with a flag flying on the pole in the garden. Front gate is on the main road. Bacon butties c10.00, "The caravan" is expected c11.00 and the race proper at c13.00. Barbecue follows.

If you prefer to drive, the road from East Morton to Silsden will be open but closed where it meets the main road through Silsden, or shortly before.

Bring your umbrella!

We'd very much like to see you if you can make it. You won't be on your own by a long way.

Alan Smith
Friday, July 4, 2014 13:32
With regard to the complaint about car parking at Airedale Hospital on Sunday 6th July providing space for the spectators coming to see the biggest sporting event in the world ,looking at the schedule the whole race will be through Keighley by 1-15pm.visiting does'nt start till 2pm.Once a month the friends of Airedale have a car boot sale on the car parks with no complaints as far as I know.The Tour de France comming to Yorkshire will be somthing I will not see again and the benefits it will produce for the county will be considerable.regarding the moaners there always will be some looking for an excuse to have their say.
David Laycock
Melbourne Australia
Sunday, July 13, 2014 12:56
Alan, aren't you lucky, we had to watch it on TV, but wasn't it great that Yorkshire and the Dales was shown off so well. We had an Aussie friend in Hawes where we stayed in 2012 at his B&B, who sent us a few photos. They were so proud. well done Yorkshire. I'm sure God must have had a Yorkshire relative.

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