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David Laycock
Thursday, December 30, 2010 22:37
Happy New Year, from Australia.
To all involved with Sutton Web, whether it be joining in the topics, administration and especially to you Paul. May you all have a Happy and Peaceful New Year.
Let us keep this web really active in 2011, as some of the Villagers may not realise the importance of this web/news to most of us who live overseas, and also the friends and relatives who now live out of Sutton.
Brenda Whitaker was Grime
Queensland Australia
Friday, December 31, 2010 01:07
I would just like to endorse David's comments. I am a relative newcomer to the site but enjoy all the topics and hope for many more hours of interesting new knowledge about the village but also some good old reminiscences too.
My wish for you all is that 2011 be the best one yet - and may you all get something of what you wish for yourselves.
Liz, let's hope that bicycle turns up unharmed, Stephen, that your new venture is extremely successful, to all the 'Boys from Oz' have a good new year's eve date with a hot barbie..! And, when we are tired out and in bed, may the rest of Sutton 'web-sters' be having a good night, and, finally - thanks again Paul for all your good work.
David Laycock
Friday, December 31, 2010 03:23
Hi Brenda,
Glad you agree, I always thought of you being a longish time subscriber?
How's the weather up your way? We have 40 C atm. My Daughter has a friend just arrived from Germany -17 C to this and is loving it. high 30s and 40s are too hot for me unless I am by water, especially fresh water with a fly rod in my hand!!! What are you up too tonight, we are going round the corner for the preverbial BBQ.
"What ever, have agood one".

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