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Sam Riley-Gunn
Wednesday, September 6, 2017 21:25
Sutton Scouts
Looking through the images on this site, after getting back from the 1st Kildwick and Farnhill summer camp this year, I noticed the early image of the Sutton Scout Troop. Which has a short caption about the young men who set it up. It then occurred to me there is very little recorded about the group other than the odd image. In my late aunt Doris's collection we also have an image of a scout band marked Sutton Scouts, with a member of the clergy standing as the scout master.
The more I pondered the group more questions I generated, what was the group they called? 1st Sutton-in-Craven? Was there one or more groups? What colour were their neckers? What patrol names did they have? Where did they meet? When were they formed? When did they disband and why?
It seems something worth recording, as their main activity seems to have been from around 1907/8 to the 1920's or 1930's (I stand to be corrected on this!) and the memories could be starting to fade away. Any recollections would be of interest.
Terry Longbottom
Thursday, September 7, 2017 10:42
My father wanted to join the scouts, his mother refused to let him join, she remarked that Baden Powel wants to get them all ready to join the army.
in the 1920's memories of the great war and the loss of life ran very close to the surface.
P S he never joined the scouts, but he still went to war.

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