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Michelle Waller
Sunday, August 31, 2014 18:53
Spencer Barrett

I have recently purchased three books from the Scope shop in Keighley, all inscribed to Spencer Barrett, ranging from 1894/95 to 1901, given as 1st prize for attendance. I came across his name on an earlier thread about WWI service men.

I believe he was born in 1890 (I hazarded a guess here) to Greenwood Barrett and Mary Heaton. They lived in Victoria Street in 1891, and I have records for 18 Gordon Street from 1892 right up to Greenwood Barrett's death in 1930.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this individual or the Barrett family in Sutton?


Yvonne Salt
Monday, September 1, 2014 22:17
Hi Michelle,

Spencer's aunt, Ellen, was my Great Great Grandmother. She married John Davy a tailor. Spencer's mother was Elizabeth Heaton. Spencer was named after his maternal Grandfather. His paternal grandparents were Hiram Barrett (1811 - 1895) and Elizabeth (Nee Wilson 1811 - 1889).

There are still Barretts in the village - I attended primary school with Richard Barrett.

I'm curious to know why he won first prize. Was it for attending the Chapel?

He was employed by T & M Bairstows Ltd before signing up in WW1.

Hope this is of interest.

Regards Yvonne
Michelle Waller
Tuesday, September 2, 2014 17:47
Hi Yvonne,

Thanks for getting back to me - here's what I have:

Spingtime and Golden Autumn awarded by the Sutton Baptist Band of Hope as a first prize for attendance during the Session 1894-5

For France and Freedom awarded by Baptist Sunday School, Sutton in Craven as a first prize for punctual attendance during the year ending June 1896, attended 102/102 sessions in the infancts class.

The Rifle Rangers awarded by Sutton National School January 1902 for regualr attendance during 1901.

I started looking up details on Ancestry and hazarded a guess, thankfully you have confirmed the research I have done and confirmed the names I hold. Funnily enough, I did find a niece on the Census records with the surname Davy, so now I know where she fits in too :). I figured he must've fought in WWI but haven't been able to locate military records as yet.

If you'd like to see what I've researched, PM me your email address and I'll send you an invite to view. I'm so curious how these books ended up in a charity shop when they're in such great condition.


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