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J Throup
Sutton in Craven
Tuesday, December 10, 2013 08:29
West Croft, Sutton
We have recently bought a house on West Croft , Sutton. we have been told there used to be a mill on this site. Does anyone have any information they could share with us, what the mill was called, who owned it & what did they do, when the mill closed & when it was pulled down.
Many Thanks
Robin Longbottom
Wednesday, December 11, 2013 07:30
The 'mill' was known as Croft Shed, but wasn't actually on the site of West Croft, it was closer to the High Street. Part of it, on the High Street, has been converted into dwellings and stands opposite Rosewood Square, the 'taking in' doors can still be seen. It was built during the 1850's and was run as a worsted weaving shed by John Green, who lived at Croft House (off West Lane on the Acres). In 1861 Green employed 115 workers. The site had no natural power and employed a steam engine to drive the power looms, there was a mill chimney at the side of the engine house which was demolished about 1920 when electric motors replaced the engine. Croft Shed became part of the Bairstow/Hartley empire and ran as a weaving shed until the late 1960's. Many older villagers will remember the motorised cart that ran up and down the High Street from Greenroyd Mill, carrying the beams of warp (if I remember correctly). In the 1890's it appears to have been known as the 'Old Cotton Mill' and it may well be that an earlier building on the site was engaged in cotton weaving.
Paul Wilkinson
Wednesday, December 11, 2013 12:23
Robin Longbottom sent the following note and images:

A view (from one of the photos in Glyn Whiteoak's collection) up the High Street looking from the King's Arm with street frontage of Croft Shed shown centre and the mill chimney behind it. The single storey weaving shed stood behind the High Street and is shown on the 1894 ordnance map below marked 'Old Cotton Mill'.

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