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Dave Hardman
Saturday, October 15, 2016 08:45
Grassy Areas on Manse Way
I have become aware that the grassed areas on the entrance to Manse Way and The Hawthorns seem to have been cut less and less often this year, and when they are cut they are left longer than they used to be (perhaps because the machines will not cut shorter in one go maybe?).
I am assuming this is a decision by the council to spend less on mowing costs, but what used to be a lovely open space which certainly beautified the approach, is now (even when just cut) an unsightly, unkepmt and unloved patch of spare land. When the grass has been cut it is left looking like a badly scythed field and the amount of cuttings left are way too much to mulch in so just lie rotting on the surface making it look even worse! Then it gets trampled all over the pavements and eventually into the house. Kiddies can no longer enjoy the patch, and of course unkempt begets littering, dog walkers cannot successfully pick up mess because the grass is so long, all for the want of a few more mowing visits. Does anyone else feel the same way?
Julian Hide
Saturday, October 15, 2016 15:38
Is the maintenance of public areas within the village boundaries something that could be taken under the wing of the Parish Council, with the associated current costs incurred by Craven District Council deducted from the village precept? Presumably the PC owns/leases a range of mowing equipment for use in the park which could be used generally throughout the village - obviously not by the park keeper, he has enough to do, but by a part-time employee perhaps under his wing. Any additional equipment such as pavement/leaf sweepers could be hired as dictated by season. The additional costs, when divided by household would not be prohibitive for the benefits obtained and would to some extent be offset by savings made by virtue of the work not being carried out by CDC. Just a thought!

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