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Paul Wilkinson
Tuesday, October 14, 2008 08:49
NODISC - the bigger picture

Please read and digest the following page at the Optimum Population Trust's website - this is the real deal about LDF/RSS/Eco-towns/Growth Areas/Growth Points:

Regional and local population growth in the UK

The Optimum Population Trust is the leading think tank in the UK concerned with the impact of population growth on the environment. OPT research covers population in relation to climate change, energy, resources, biodiversity, development impacts, ageing and employment and other environmental and economic issues. It campaigns for stabilisation and gradual population decrease globally and in the UK. OPT is a registered charity and is financed by its members. It receives funding neither from the government nor from any political or business interests, and is not affiliated to any other organisation (except as a partner in the Global Footprint Network.)

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