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Liz Kildunne
Monday, April 11, 2016 18:20
Here We Go Again - 22 Houses Planning Application for Sutton Lane
Dear All

for the latest planning application for 22 houses on this Greenfield site, please go to:

and search for number 66/2016/16745

Its better in some ways as its smaller, and they have tried to address what the planning inspectorate said - avoiding the slopes at the top end of the fields so that the houses are less prominent from the approach to the village and from the cricket pitch, and they are saying that much of the land "could" be left in perpetuity as Green Wedge. So, these are positive points, however as ever, this is an outline application, so who knows what the reality would hold. I have asked for answers from the Planning Department to these questions, however at the end of the day, its still another 22 households, 44 cars, putting pressure on our already overstretched public services and highways.

There are 32 units currently approved/under construction for Sutton. No more development please - we've had enough! Please help and put your objections/comments in via the Planning Portal or by post to CDC Planning Department

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