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Con Redmayne
Tuesday, January 4, 2011 19:56
Bin Collections - Weekly or Fortnightly?
Hello all,

I was wondering about people's views on bin collections. I was so incadescent with rage and fury over been swapped to Bin collections each fortnight, and the bloomin useless blue bag paper collection that I email the Council. I am no even more angry as they have failed even to acknowledge the communication let alone address the issues.

I have to say that I never complain. If a waiter spat in my soup I'd probably meekly sit there and do nothing. I'm hopelessly English. But this has really angered me.

There is a lot of noise from our Coalition masters about returning to weekly collections, but they will not force councils to reinstate them.

Is there sufficient feeling for us to write to the council to state our views? Have people already adapted to fortnightly collections?

I'd be genuinely interested in people's views.


Joan M. Tindale
Tuesday, January 4, 2011 21:58
Brown Bin v. good. Green Bin usually ok. for a 2 household family, blue bin only ever 1/3 full, blue bag ok. if you squash it all in (the husband has gone v. fanatical about that one, and he is shredding some of it.) Have seen some bins out with just about anything in them- so how do they sort it all out at the other end? Bin lorry cannot access some of our streets in Cowling, so some people cannot have bins at all - and what an eyesore when they all are on our main streets? If we were all on the same rules, but we are not? A while ago next door's bin blew onto our new car and caused 198 damage!! Nothing ever happened to old car? So who is responsible for bins blowing around on main streets? However if you read the locals we are told it has all been worthwhile!
Personally would prefer more end of road large recycle bins if they were emptied regularly. Moan over.

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