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Keith Rodwell
Perth Western Australia
Tuesday, June 2, 2009 06:46
Sutton House
Does anyone know of any history regarding Sutton House - I lived there from about 1963 until the late 70's. The house was prevously owned by my grandfather Thomas Francis Rodwell and his wife Inez.I believe my Aunt - Doris rodwell is still alive and living on the Greenroyd Estate? The house at the time was divided into 3 seperate houses with 2 of my elderly great aunts living there. We lived in what had been the kitchen and servants quarters as we had a large fireplace in our lounge which I believe may have been the original kitchen and the boards for the bells at the back of the room. The copper tubes which had housed thebell pull wires ran above the boards. I am now living in Perth in Western Australia but would love to find out some details of the house and its past history.
Keith Rodwell
Perth Western Australia
Thursday, June 4, 2009 00:07
In addition to the information given above - whilst my family were in residence at Sutton House - the other 2 houses, one at the side of the house and the original front were coverted back into the one house and some restoration work done by Ken Targett - who was I believe a local counsellor at the time - he then sold the house to I think a family called Binns. A new entry was also created from Hall Drive. What is the current status of the house - is it still 2 seperate dwellings or has it now been fully restored back to its original condition - i.e. one big house. Who currently lives there? There were the remnants of a wall near the external toilet and outbuilding which was attached th the house - the wall was above the beck - and the garden was terraced down to the beck also. I believe the house was around 400 years old? On doing some repair work with my father on one of the ceilings when we went into the loft area the entire roof structure was made from oak with joints and wooden pegs holding it all together - there was not a nail or a bolt to be seen! Even the slates were held in place with wooden pegs. I was always under the impression that my grandfather bought the house and the grounds which continued across the other side of the beck and up the road alongside the Ellers for around 650 pounds. Surely someone must have some record or knowledge of the history of the House. Also does anyone remember the collapse of the wall and the road on the corner across from the house due to subsidence after heavey rain - this resulted in the road being closed for several weeks? When the wall was rebuilt is was around 4 feet lower with a crash barrier around the side if the road closest to the house. I hope this jogs a few memories?
Janet Hargreaves
Thursday, June 11, 2009 17:38
Hi Keith
Whilst looking through my grandmothers scrapbook, I came across the newspaper Notice announcing the death of Francis David, aged 78yrs, on May 16th 1988 at 14 Greenroyd Drive. I wondered if this is the address where you aunt Doris lives? Going back to the Notice, you probably already know this but it states he was formerly of Sutton House and he was the widow of Inez Isabel and father of Frank and Doris. I'm not sure why my grandmother kept it except that my family had connections with the Hall.
Thursday, June 11, 2009 21:06
Hi Keith
A few years ago my late husband and I transcribed the gravestones in St Thomas churchyard and there is a small stone for the following members of your family.

Jackie Rodwell 1919-1926
Francis Rodwell 1890-1968
Inez I Rodwell 1891-1973

I have a plan of the graves and could easily take a photo for you.
I checked some of my local indexes and have come across quite a few of your family members who came from and died in the Burnsall area. If you want to get in touch the webmaster can give you my email address.
Shirley de Sonnaville
Bella Vista Arkansas USA
Thursday, June 25, 2009 22:43
Hi, it was interesting to read about Sutton House, I think that is the house where my grandfather and grandmother lived way back around 1940 and a few years more, I remember visiting my grandparents there, they had a large living room and I remember the garden my grandfather had . I even have a photo of me taken there when I was a bridsmaid for my cousin Amy. Sutton sure has changed a lot since I lived there, I left about 1960 and now live in the USA in Arkansas, I don't think too many will remember me, but I keep in touch with Doreen Palfreman and Betty Green, I am still an Englander at heart. As I am now 75 years old I don't know if anyone remembers me.My parents were Hubert and Emily Ellison.
Denis Pickles
Saturday, June 27, 2009 20:21
Well Shirley, I for one remember you and the family very well. I think that somewhere I still have a photograph of you reclining in the heather. It was taken at Ravenstones in 1950 with Doreen Brook and your cousin Peter Wilcock, when Peter and Brian were over from Canada on their first holiday after emigrating in 1948. I still maintain close links with Brian and Christine's family though I haven't visited N America for several years.
b gill
Tuesday, June 30, 2009 14:24
my bro. @i were born in one part of sutton house in the 1920's.We moved before 1930.there was a stream running thro the garden.the house wassurrounded by trees.
brian wilcock
Tuesday, July 7, 2009 23:49 great grandparents cain and isabella ellison throughouttheninteen thirtiesand early forties called sutton house their home.i have photographs taken in 1934 outside the building with my great grandparents,grandfather and my mother. In the early forties my aunty Amy Ellison married Bob Jones and the reception was held at Sutton house.My sister Christine was a bridesmade with cousin Shirley Ellison At this point Iwould be 8 years of age .It is interesting to learn of events surrounding Sutton house .Maybe soon a complete history can be obtained regarding its date of consruction and original owners. .
Keith Rodwell
Perth Western Australia
Friday, November 13, 2009 07:36
Francis David Rodwell and Inez Isabella Rodwell were my grandparents and Doris is my Auntie who I still believe lives at the Greenroyd Ave address. I always believed that Sutton House was over 400 years old and was more interested in its early history - like who built it and lived there in the early days. When we lived there the stream ran through the garden and to the best of my knowledge still does. There was a copse of trees on the other side of the beck adjacent to Ellers Road - I wonder if they are still there too. A family called Barrett lived in the house across the beck from us on a really bad bend in Ellers Road - the scene of quite a few accidents and I am sure many near misses. Also whilst we lived there the high wall on the right hand side of the bend collapsed as did part of the road resulting in the Ellers being closed off for sometime until repairs were carried out. The council eventually reduced the height of the wall and put a crash barrier alongst the right hand side of the road. If any one has any additional information it would be greatly appreciated.
Alan Pickles
Friday, November 13, 2009 19:35
Thanks for restarting the Sutton forum,Paul. The names are certainly starting to come back. Shirley Ellison, Brian Wilcock. What a blast from the past. I am learning all the time. I had no idea that they both, and their families, played such a large part in the village history. I am too young to remember the goings on at Sutton House. Lovely to hear from you both after all this time. Doreen Palfreman nee Brookes keeps me up to date whenever I see her and Neil in Keighley. Denis also lets me know of any of the villagers who get in touch. Keep it coming.
Josie Walsh
Sunday, November 15, 2009 12:07
Hello everyone, I have been checking through some paperwork that I have and have found the following details for Sutton House.

A dated stone on the side wall of the house has the initials of R.D.E. and the date 1639, these initials are for Richard Dixon and his wife Elizabeth Garforth who were married on the 14th July 1638 at Kildwick, so the house must have been built by them to live in.

In 1825 the Dixon family sold it to Robert Clough of Ingrow, and in turn Robert Clough then sold it to Robert Heaton a Manufacturer.

I then checked all the Census for Sutton House.
1841 Joseph Heaton and his family
1851 Joseph Heaton and his family
1861 Robert Heaton a single man, he died the 25th April 1863 aged 40 years
1871 Emma & Ann Davy Duty
1881 Joshua Ramsden and his family
1891 Thomas Green and his family
1901 William Smith and his family living in 1 room
1901 John William Andrews and his family living in 4 rooms
1901 Alfred Hargreaves and his family living in 1 room
So between 1891 & 1901 Census, Sutton House was altered from 1 abode to 3.
There is a photo of Sutton House in the book, Owd Settings Sutton in Craven by Doris Riley on page 7.
Josie Walsh
Sunday, November 15, 2009 20:00
Sorry made a mistake with Robert Clough selling to Robert Heaton, it should be Joseph Heaton, Robert is the only son of Joseph Heaton who lived in the house in the 1861 Census after his parents died.
John Redpath
Tuesday, January 12, 2010 06:58
Hello Keith,
re your request for info on Sutton House, I have lived here at number 3 (overlooking the Ellers) since 1986, the house is much as it would have been in your days other than the toilet block has been extended and now serves as a office and utility rooms, the loft boarded out and used as a quiet area and I managed to access the vaulted cellars which make a great storage area. In the early 90s Geoffery Hamilton presented the BBC programme Gardeners World from the garden/orchard mainly to showcase the work of Lynda Brown who then lived in 1 & 2 Sutton House Hall Drive , your grandfathers 650 had climbed to just under 50,000 when I bought it in 86. The crash barrier fence is still there although part of the main wall has been moved back off the road after it became uninsurable due to the number of times it was being knocked down by the ever increasing traffic.
I also have copies of the deeds covering the periods of The Rodwells,Binns & Targetts ownership if you need more info just let me know through the webmaster.
Philip Rushton
Saffron Walden, Essex England
Tuesday, July 26, 2011 00:56
I have just returned from holiday in the dales and tried to find this house as one of my ancestors is a Willie Ramsden and on his marriage certificate dated February 1895 he is living at Sutton House. His father was a William Ramsden.

I am not sure if they are relatives of the Joshua Ramsden who is listed in one of the posts above as owning the house on the 1881 Census.

Willie Ramsden is my great grandfather.

It was fascinating to read the history of the house on this post.
Paul Wilkinson
Monday, December 10, 2012 11:29
Robin Longbottom has provided an excellent in-depth article on Sutton House which is available on the history page.
Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Monday, December 10, 2012 22:25
That's a terrific piece of research on Sutton House Robin, very comprehensive. You certainly get to the nitty gritty when you compile these research projects on various aspects of Owd Sutton! Well done.
Paul Wilkinson
Tuesday, March 5, 2013 16:42
Robin Longbottom has found two old unidentified photos of Sutton House in the Glyn Whiteoak collection in the gallery - I've renamed them and added them to the Sutton House article in the history section (link is two posts above).
Neil Smith
Sutton House
Monday, October 7, 2013 21:17
We have lived in 1 & 2 Sutton House for the past 20 years, and have a little information on its history. We see Robin Longbottom is keen to find out more about the house, and we would be happy to meet up with him at some point
Just one small correction - the date stone placed on the west side of the house is 1639, not 1647.

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