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R Sutcliffe
Sutton (Two Dales Metaldetecting Club)
Friday, May 4, 2007 18:51
mill chimney
I was very saddend to see the chimney at greenroyd mill knocked down as I feel it was a landmark on suttons ladscape.Possibly the water tower could have gone, but m
ill chiminy,s are part of our heratage. What do you think.
Saturday, May 5, 2007 11:29
Yes, I agree 100%. I was told a few months ago that the chimney would be staying (can't remember who told me though) and was very saddened to see it being knocked down.
Andrew Monkhouse
Saturday, May 5, 2007 17:31
I agree - another Sutton icon gone. It's a pity there couldn't have been a preservation order placed on the chimney and the mill for that matter in case of future demolishion.

I used to work at Hartley's mill before it closed in 1980. One weekend I was working overtime cleaning the spinning machines while the rest of the mill was closed and I decided to take a closer look at the chimney from the inside. I clambered on my hands and knees into the boiler chamber through a pile of soft powdery soot and looked up the chimney so that I could see day light at the top. Not quite sure why I decided to do that but I'm glad I did now !

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