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Paul Wilkinson
Tuesday, March 7, 2017 12:51
Sutton kiln?

Dr John sent me this, allegedly of a field kiln by a small stream near Sutton. Does anyone recognize the location?


Terry Longbottom
Monday, March 13, 2017 19:48
Lime Kilns line all the streams from Glusburn to Cowling and up to the moors. Ghyll Bottom, Scar Beck. Ickornshaw Beck etc.

The following have been traced by the late Mr. Jonas Bradley of Stanbury.

1 Tommy Stows kiln.
2 Below Lane Ends Bridge. ( in road leading to Cross Gate )
3 Near Old Stables Carr Head.
4 Sugdens Bottoms above stepping stones.
5 Near F fishers Bridge leading to Cross Gates.
6 Ridge Mill Bridge ( dark hoil ) ?.
7 In Dark Hoil. ? Cowling. 8 Royd far ends.
9 White Gate Wood Bottom.
10 Far end of Royd.
11 Scar beck.
12 Near scar bottom.
13 Scar bottom.
14 Crow wood bottom.
15 Fellows Lunds near Cock Hall.
16 Shepherds Green
17 Several kilns all the way up to Will Emmotts Wood and forward up to Cowlaughton many there.
This abstract is borrowed from the cowling web.
Paul Wilkinson
Thursday, April 6, 2017 13:11
John Redpath thinks this may be the location, spanning Sutton Beck at the bottom of the Ellers...

From John:

"The bridge is quite interesting, has had a lot of stonework removed from both ends possibly used when the driveway was created from the Ellers Road circa 1900, the little rectangular gap is the top of full sized door frame, I did dig right down to expose it all hoping to get inside
but it led to nothing as bridge had been filled in from the top, the stream also has had lot work done to the streambed flag stones laid over quite a large area and a weir constructed, almost forgot the other side of the bridge has four bricked up windows."

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