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Anne Kember
Sunday, April 1, 2018 17:35
Moving to Sutton in Craven
Hello People of the village.
We woud like to move from Skipton to the village but are concerned about shops in the area. We just need a shop fairly nearby to West Lane for milk & papers. We do not have transport and will rely on bus into Skipton for main shopping.
Looking at a website it mentions there is a post office & a Londis but I know they are there no longer and that website is dated 2006.
Can anyone help us with regard to milk & papers in a walkable distance?
Be grateful,
Tom & Anne Kember
Terry Longbottom
Tuesday, April 3, 2018 14:37
The question asked about shops in sutton today started me off thinking back to the Sutton shops and services that have gone by the wayside since the 1950's. Wilson st, Fish &Chip shop, Tetley row, Humfries anything from hot pie-peas to bicycles. Main st/Mill st the co-op 4dept, butcher, fruit-veg-fish, shoes clothes, groceries, 10 Main street gents Hairdresser. Albert St Cobbler. Main ST, Mrs Preston Shoes/clothing. Butcher, Willy Sturdy. Alexandra garage, coaches & taxis.
Main St, Parker's greengrocer & Plumber. Smith's Electrician & Bakers. Horsfall's Painter/Decorator.
Holme's off Licence. Filkin's sweets & tobacco. Mrs Craven, Sweets & Tobacco. Miss Clark, The Post office. The Chemist. North St, Elle Preston's cobbler shop. Ladies hairdresser. Fish & Chip Shop.
Arthur Overend, Funeral director/joiner. This is just the east end of the Village and I may have missed some.
The top end of the village was similar ranging from bicycles at Bow hill. chopped sticks in west lane. and pop and crisps at Strikes. 2 mobile shops based in the village with others visiting, not counting all the milk/papers delivered to the doorstep daily.
Or it may be all imagined by that daft old so-n-so that someone has painted on all my mirrors.

Neil Palfreman
Sutton in Craven
Wednesday, April 4, 2018 09:38
I did a survey of all these shops several years ago and I think
you have got most of them. There was Grace Bancroft down
Gordon Street & David Coleman?s fish shop by the Kings Arms,
Mrs Willis sweet shop on Crag View & Polly Ogden by the Baptist
Chapel.I have probably forgotten quite a few but it makes one
think what the village was like before Supermarkets came on the
scene. A lot of Sutton residents won?t remember the hundreds
of people who worked in the village before it became a dormitory
David Town
Friday, April 6, 2018 14:18
It was very interesting to read the recollections of Terry and Neil regarding shops that no longer exist in the village.
On a recent visit to the village my mind cast over the number of retail outlets that had disappeared since my boyhood in the 1950,60 and 70's.Looking back the Sutton Mill area in that time was a very vibrant one with the imposing 5 storey building of Bairstow's mill and adjoining Institute and nearby the Co-operative store with different departments that could cater for most products,the onset of supermarkets brought about the decline of all the small shops that were dotted around the main street area.
I read of the Pickle's brothers memoirs of growing up in the 1940's and I have equal memories of my childhood roaming around the countryside without a care in the world. The Ravingstones, Sutton Clough and the two Pinnacles were 'Jewels in the Crown' with many happy hour spent in those areas.
Maybe I have got too sentimental about my childhood but there is nothing wrong with being nostalgic, is there?
Margarete Parker
Saturday, April 7, 2018 12:47
Having read the messages above it got us reminiscing. Further up the High Street from the King's Arms was Greengrocers - Ivan Spence, Butcher - Tim Pighill, who also toured the village with a van, Haberdashery - Mrs Stirk.

Across the High Street near Croft Shed David Coleman used to prepare the fish and chips for his shop and sell wet fish.

Near the Fountain at the top of the High Street there was the Co-op - Arthur Hardaker and Hannam's Sweets and Tobacconist.

Next to the Bull cartshed Herbert Riley used to refurbish and sell bicycles.

In the centre of the village behind Ingham's New Laithe Farm there was Fred Hogg's Joiner & Undertaker, I think he also sold paraffin and it was a good place to get sawdust for pets.

There was also Fred Morrell and Bob Ridsdale's travelling fruit and veg vans.

The village was able to provide your everyday needs.

Jane Chatterton
Monday, April 9, 2018 12:32
Dear Mrs Kember

My sister says you can get milk At the "off-licence" shop down Sutton Mill (past the chemist on the opposite side of the street)

Newspapers you can order from Spar grocery in Crosshills.

Hope this helps.

I used to live in West Lane as a small child.

Best Wishes

Jane Chatterton

Alan Pickles
Monday, April 9, 2018 19:05
It really is coming to something when someone from hundreds of miles away is more conversant with what goes on in the village than the residents.
Lovely to hear from you and Alan, Jane, it must be 60 years plus since we last met. Mrs. Belton's class of 1947 still has several students left. Hope you are both keeping well.
Jane Chatterton
Tuesday, April 10, 2018 16:11
Good to hear from you Alan. I was in touch with Brenda Whitaker this morning by email, met Enid Foster many years ago on a hockey pitch!, Jean Palfreman in Crosshills.

Mrs Belton and Miss Wilson were positive teachers who brought out the best in us.

Alan and I are both well and enjoying life in France Profonde!

Best wishes

Jane and Alan

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