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David Dryden
Saturday, July 19, 2008 01:31
lost cousins
hi im looking for a cousin her maiden name was Brenda clayton had a sitter called mouren lived in australia for afew years along time ago she got married and went and lived in colne i think parants names [edith /tomay]heres hoping that some one knows them out there David
Sunday, July 20, 2008 01:36
Hi David its Valerie again, It was Edith Clough who married Tommy Clayton He worked at Landis Lunds for many years, They had 3 daughters Maureen the eldest Brenda and Ann the youngest. Someone may know Tommy from there, don't know Brendas married name, but yes she did live in Colne
Maureen never married as far as I know and may still live in Sutton Holme Bridge was the last place I remember them living. Ann may also still live in Sutton but sadly I don't know her married name either I do know in the mid to late 70's Ann's little boy was knocked down and sadly killed by an ice cream van, someone may remember that. It is difficult finding things out from so far away.
ann tate
Saturday, September 6, 2008 18:20
hi David this is your cousin Ann Tate, Brenda Claytons sister if you remember me. We were brought up together in Australia. My married name now is Tate, my daughter Vicky is buried in the same grave as your brother Michael. I've been married to my husband Ken Tate for 30 years and have 4 other children. Chris is 35, Gary is 28, Nicola is 27 and Louise is 25. I also have 4 grandchildren and 1 on the way. I am still living in Sutton. Brenda still lives in Colne and has been married to Peter Bracewell for over 40 years. Maureen is in a nursing home in Baildon. I didnt know about this website until today, i work at Airedale Hospital and was talking to a lady today who asked if i was Tommy Claytons daughter and she said that someone was looking for me on this website. Brenda is away on holiday at the moment but i will let her know that you are trying to contact her, she is in america travelling down route 66. It must be 40 years since i last saw you when you went back to Australia. How are you and your family out there? I dont know if you already know but Auntie Ada and Uncle Douglas died a couple of years ago. Are you still wanting school photographs, im not sure but i think i might have some i will have a route around to see. Anyway its really nice to hear from you after all this time and hope to hear back from you.
Saturday, September 13, 2008 05:36
Hi Ann I am your cousin Valerie the last time I saw any of your family was in 1979-80 we were over there living for a while, we were living in crosshills and I used to visit your mum and she would come and visit me, there is only Vera living now from the clough family. I just happened to look on the Sutton site and saw your letter, I haven't seen Brenda since just after she was married, I never thought I would find anyone, sad to hear Maureen is in a nursing home, I knew auntie Ada and unclle Douglas had died, I don't even know if your dad is still alive.
Would love to hear from you
best wishes Valerie
David Dryden
Thursday, September 18, 2008 05:35
hi Ann long time no see nice to hear from you yes i remeber i think brenda married before me sheila did has we remember her moving to colne you was verry young when you was in oz and thats a long time ago how time flies We have 4 children richard 43 debra 40 nigal 39 tina 37 and have 7 grandchildren ages from 18 to 6 boy that makes me look old im soory to hear that maureen is in a nursing home ,what do you do at the hospital is that the one at eastburne ,sheilas sister works in a nursing home in settle as a nurse aid,yes we new ada and douglas had died as your mam and dad and willie not long after we heard tommy and willie had a garden plot .my mum and dad , mum in 1980 dad went back england not long after and died keigthly,yes im still lookin for school photos,yes it will be nice to hear from brenda i see val has found you as well thats nice my email is hope to hear from you sone take care david
Joan - Cowling
Thursday, September 18, 2008 19:14
Glad you are now in touch with each other - I am the lady who mentioned this forum to Ann at Airedale Hospital, both my husband and myself used to work at Landis Lunds and knew Tommy and family -who also lived in Cowling at one time.
Janet Stoddard
Nanango Queensland Australia
Saturday, September 20, 2008 05:03
Hi I'm another cousin, Janet,Vera's youngest daughter, I'm living in Australia, I think I must be the black sheep of the family, I don't have contact with my family but I did see Sheila and David a few months ago. It's nice to know I have family still in England, how is Maureen's daughter Paula ( I think her name is), I was a little too young for you girls so didn't get to know you while we were in England, my e-mail is if you would like to contact me Janet
david dryden
Sunday, September 21, 2008 06:15
Hi joan thanks for that i can remember edith and tommy liveing at cowling but not shure if it was before coming to oz or after cos i worked at the mill near the street thay lived in as a wever those were the day kids to day wont do that kind of work to hard for them. thanks for telling ann i hope she got the letter i left her on this site and ansers my email and she will see that vals sister janet has left a mesage for her as well thanks david
Ann Tate
Sunday, September 21, 2008 17:46
Hi everyone nice to hear from you all after all this time i use to get bits of news about you from aunty Ada when i visited them but we seemed to lose contact with everybody when aunty Margaret and mum died,
I hope you are all keeping alright how is aunty Vera doing is uncle Frank still alive i keep saying to Ken i will have to go back to Austrailia for a visit,
David i will have a look in our old photos and see if i can find of you and send them to your email our Brenda should be back off holiday in a few days i have lots to tell her well its nice to hear from you all i hope we can keep in touch my email is and thanks to Joan for letting me know that some body was trying to contact the family

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