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Nikki Barrett
Wednesday, February 24, 2010 17:24
I am writing with feelings of anger, frustration, and disgust and despair…….and I can go on. I live on Sutton Fields, end of the Coppice and end of Shutt Lane (Glusburn) this is a popular lane for people to walk their dogs, with a dog poo bin provided, at the bottom of the playing fields of Glusburn Primary School.

Every Single Day a certain element of the public thinks it is completely acceptable to allow their dogs to foul right outside my front door. I have put three signs up and still this continues!!!

Last Saturday I counted in-between two of the signs SEVEN piles of dog poo!!! Then to crown it all this lunchtime I came home to a massive pile right on my doorstep!!! – I cannot believe this!!! I am appalled!!!

This is a massive health issue as this is a popular path for the primary school with many small children passing my house everyday, as well as an extreme nuisance and something I do not want bringing into my house. I have lived in Sutton all my life (as have my parents, grandparents and great grand parents) and love the village but this is a disgusting problem and it is really beginning to annoy me!!!

I say some people because I am aware there is a very large amount of very responsible dog owners – who are as equally fed up with this as I am. I have had a great response to my signs and support – as I say a lot from dog owners themselves.

The ultimate came when my father who is building next door to my cottage heard one lady tell her dog to watch where it walked so it didn’t get dog poo on its paws!!!!!!!!??????

I regularly wake up to dog urine right on my doorstep and front door!!!!???? WHY?? Would these people find it acceptable to have urine poured on their front doors??? Its not fair!!!

I have been in contact with the local police and they are very aware of this problem, its very difficult to catch the culprits as they are mostly cowards and allow this happen in the dark either late at night or very early in the morning.

Something seriously needs to be done about this problem and SOON. Not only myself but many of the local people feel very strongly about this, its time some hefty fines were given out to make people realise that this is not acceptable anywhere!!!!!

I would like to note I am a big animal lover, and I do not blame the dogs but their Irresponsible owners, if a petition is needed to curb this problem then so be it, I am sure I will have plenty of supporters both with and without dogs.

Alan Pickles
Wednesday, February 24, 2010 17:51
I can sympathise with you with regards to the problem of dogs being allowed to empty themselves and the owners neglecting or refusing to collect and remove the offending matter. I had dogs of my own for nearly thirty years and I always attempted to retreive and remove the excreta to prevent it causing offence. However, I had one dog owner who would walk past my gate and ignore her dog whilst it performed it's natural function immediatley outside. No matter how many times I asked or drew her attention to the problem it continued. I finally solved the problem by parcelling it up and leaving on her doorstep. Can I suggest that you might consider this as a last resort?
Signs and pleas are all very good but a bit of direct action can work wonders.
Lorna Buffey
Sutton in Craven
Wednesday, February 24, 2010 18:04
i feel so sorry for you,we live on park ave and people seem to bring their dogs up the ave just to let them poop outside our house as there is a grass verge there,even if you stand watching them out of the window in full view they still seem to have no shame!we also have a dog and a nice big stack of free poop bags so i know that it's no hardship to scoop! come on dog owners stop giving the rest of us a bad name and scoop!
Yvonne Wiseman
Wednesday, February 24, 2010 18:41
Glusburn Primary School asked in their newsletter to name and shame those responsible for allowing their dogs to fould on the school field.
I will support any petition.
I like Alans idea!
Yvonne Wiseman
Wednesday, February 24, 2010 18:44
Any chance the dog warden could provide you with a surveillance camera - surely if they knew they were being watched - they might think twice?
Joan Seal
Monday, March 15, 2010 12:53
I called to see Nikki Barratt after reading her letter in the Kly News, it's such a shame she is having to put up with this filthy situation. Although I live in Cowling I offered her my support in her endeavours to get this stopped. There has been so much talk over the years, about this problem, it is time for action. !

Re Lorna's letter, if you know who the people are who are letting their dogs foul by your house, please 'Dob them in' ............Dob In a Dealer' and 'Dob In a Benefit Cheat' I believe has been very successful. If you don't know who they are, take a photo ! (mobile 'phone ? ) you can contact the Dog Warden or police direct, or give the information to Nikki. Other responsible dog owners/walkers etc., could do the same thing. Get a list together then if one or two offenders were fined, I think word would go around with positive results - it is a health hazard, it is a criminal offence I believe.

I keep a plastic supermarket bag on the peg next to the dog lead, inside it I have a few more bags, it is so easy to carry it on one finger, and so easy to pick the poo up because of the size of the bags. We have the same problem in the Recreation Ground at Cowling, but I was very surprised recently to see a pile of dog excrement in Sutton Park just before you cross the bridge out of the park into Holme could not have picked this up, it was smeared and spread right across the path ! kids riding their bikes through it ? I don't know.

I think Sutton Park is a wonderful facility, few villages could match it, the park keeper does a marvellous job, clean toilets are provided, you can get a cup of tea when the bowling is on. It is enclosed but open to view, a safe park with a lovely family, neighbourly, atmosphere. Obviously, people are working hard behind the scenes to keep it that way.

Culprits ? besides guilty owners ? maybe dogs getting out of the door, getting out of the garden, older children with dogs off the lead ? (I have seen them at that bottom end)....... I am sure no 'cool kid' would be willing to pick poo up ! However, in the case of Glusburn Primary School playing's most likely someone letting their dogs loose in there when it's dark.

Approximately four years ago, some schools in Keighley were closed due to infections ! I know a case where a four year old child got a nasty virus, it turns out it came from dog excrement ! how ? they don't own a dog.......examining all possibilities, the only way it could have happened was that the child's football had landed in some poo, and the child picked the ball up. How many more children have been ill due to dog poo ? noooooo ! it wasn't a child from Keighley.....This happened in one of the villages near Sutton.

Re Alan's of my neighbours let two of his big dogs poo outside my gate, however he had gone before I could challenge him, I was in the garden waiting his return but he was away for I shovelled it up and put it outside his has never happened again. ! However, I don't favour this method but at the time I felt insulted. I would rather see people being identified and fined. All you have to do is ring the Dog Warden.

Joan Seal

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