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Paul Wilkinson
Wednesday, August 17, 2011 08:01
Greenroyd Mill Apartments
There are currently 12 apartments remaining at Greenroyd Mill, available to let under the affordable housing scheme and offered to applicants with a local connection.

Under affordable housing regulations, all applicants would need to be assessed for eligibility and typically they:

~ must have a connection to the local area
~ must be in employment (retired persons/person with savings might be considered)
~ should have a household income not exceeding 30k per annum
~ must not have pets

More details are available on the news page or at the site of the letting agent Space Property (part of the Yorkshire Housing Group).

Denise White
Thursday, August 25, 2011 14:30
I am sure there are lots of people in Sutton who would love to move into the apartments that are still available. But I feel that they are still far too expensive for most young people round here I've had a look and they are 525 per month, which seems to me rather alot of money times are very hard at the moment for alot of people. Especially if you look at people's earnings at the moment with employers saying they can't afford decent wage increases and alot of people having to live on the minimum wage (which to my mind was a bad idea anyway)

I for one feel very sorry, especially for young people, times are very hard

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