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clerk, SPC
Friday, October 10, 2008 11:13
North Yorkshire Cycle Champions Project
Craven District Council is looking for cycling volunteers.
If you appreciate the health benefits of cycling and would like to combine volunteering with encouraging people to get on their bikes, Craven District Council and North Yorkshire Sport need your help.

Craven District Council is supporting the national 'Community Cycling Champions' project which is managed by the Cycling Touring Club (CTC). North Yorkshire Sport has secured a grant from the Big Lottery 'Wellbeing' fund to deliver the project, which aims to encourage more than 300 new local cyclists over the next four years.

The Council and North Yorkshire Sport want to identify volunteer champions for the district. Working with community groups, the champions will help find ways to get people pedalling. Activities for the champions will include helping schools to run after school cycling clubs, or organising rides for people to come along to. The project is primarily focussing on reaching three main groups - girls and women, older people, and people with disabilities. These are groups that are not currently cycling in large number in North Yorkshire.

Councillor Ken Hart, Lead Member for Creating Healthy and Vibrant Communities through Culture and Sport (Independent) said: "The role of the Community Cycling Champions wil be to give people the confidence to cycle. Cycling is an excellent way of having fun, getting fit and meeting new people. It also cuts down your carbon footprint so the more people who are encouraged to use two wheels rather than the car the better."
Those cycle champions that volunteer will be supported by Martyn Bolt, the North Yorkshire Cycling champions project officer to develop their skills and abilities to deliver the scheme.

For further information contact Bruce Dinsmore, Sports Development Officer at Craven District Council on 01756 706391 or email: or Martyn Bolt the NYS Cycling Champions project officer on 01423 545576 email: martyn.bolt@ctc/org/uk
Friday, October 10, 2008 14:00
Sorry may sound a little harsh, but with CDC wanting to put and extra 4000 cars on our already over crowded roads the last thing i want is my daughter on a bike. Maybe CDC should have a rethink and get people from there beloved protected areas to get on there bike or better still the whole of CDC.

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