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Wednesday, September 29, 2004 03:20
Craven Haunted & Paranormal
Calling all most haunted fans ....... Skeptics & belivers im looking to form a local paranormal investigation team and would like to here from anyone with an intrest in this field. We are also keen to here from any mediums nearby who would be willing to help on locations. Also we would like to hear from any people with knowledge of any supposd haunted locations within the area ????

we have been lucky enough to also be invited to take part in various paranormal investigations along side UK Haunted.We met the team of investigators,mediums and film crew on location at dean clough halifax and spent an all night vigil on the premises with some excellent footage caught on film and digital camera.

Since then we joined UK Haunted at at the global in in brighouse and belive me we were not disapointed.....

Anyone with genuine info or intrest please send an e-mail to

PS...please leave this tread for those with genuine intrest we get enough WHO YA GONNA CALL...coments as it is.

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