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Paul Wilkinson
Sunday, February 8, 2009 11:34
Craven DC, Leeds City Region and "Ekogen"
The following appeared on the Craven Herald website yesterday, and refers to a report by a consultancy firm named "Ekogen". I've been unable to find out anything about this firm other than they may be Manchester based, but they appear to be providing consultancy services to some local authorities and regional assemblies. Strangely, I can't find a website. If anybody can point me in the direction of this report I'd be grateful.


"Meanwhile, councillors agreed the council’s response to a central government consultation on a possible increase in the number of houses being built across Yorkshire and Humber.

The current Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) for the district is 50,000 new houses by 2026, but under consideration is an annual increase from 22,260 to 30,000.

Councillors were told a report carried out by the Leeds City Region Housing Panel by consultants Ekogen had revealed the impact on the housing market in the current recession was greater than previous recessions. It said that current RSS levels were unlikely to be met both in the foreseeable future and the longer term.

The report concluded that it would be premature to consider further housing growth in the Leeds region and, perhaps, the whole of Yorkshire and Humber and consideration of any increase should be delayed until next year when there would be a clearer idea of the effects of the recession.

The council, which had deferred its response from last week to allow a more in-depth discussion, had been given an extension to make its comments until today (Friday) by the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Assembly.

It agreed to go along with the Ekogen report and tell the regional assembly that an increase in housing numbers was not felt possible in the present recession.

A further report outlining Craven’s suggested number of new houses and where they should be distributed will be brought back to the next Craven Spatial Planning Sub Committee on March 4. "

Sunday, February 8, 2009 16:47
Does anyone know if the Sub Committee meeting on March 4 is open to the public? The proposed distribution of new houses is especially critical to the South of Craven - too many and all our green spaces will disappear.
Monday, February 9, 2009 09:49
Hi Lizk which sub committee? The only one on the calender is for the standards committee for which the agenda hasn't been published on their website.
Paul Wilkinson
Monday, February 9, 2009 09:57
It's the Craven Spatial Planning Sub Committee.

Item three on the agenda for the last meeting states...

Public Participation – In the event that any questions/ statements are received or members of the public attend, the public participation session will proceed for a period of up to fifteen minutes. members of the public are allowed to attend and questions/ comments may be submitted beforehand.
Paul Wilkinson
Wednesday, March 18, 2009 08:49
I've found the "Ekogen" report.

The company is actually called Ekos Consulting (UK) Ltd, branded as Ekosgen - but the logo has a graphic squiggle, like a glass marble, in the middle instead of an "S" so it looks like it says eko (squiggle) gen.

The report is available on the Leeds City Region website...

Ekosgen LCR Housing Delivery Report


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