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Sylvia Dowgill
Monday, December 5, 2011 15:42
Christmas Lights on High Street - Why Not?
Can any one tell me why the lights stop at the Kings Arms and do not extend up the High Street, which is after all one of the oldest streets in the village and a main through road ?
Is it because we're not on the bus route?
The majority of the residents up here support the fund day and the bonfire which raises funds for these glorious lights,and some pay for their own trees which look great.
The Nativity next Sunday starts from the Bay Horse and walks down the High Street, but no lights to light the way...
To quote the Chairman of the village committee in the latest village news "The lights will be on from approx 3.30pm until 11 pm to allow the young children coming home from school to see them as well as for all to enjoy" the young children from the 'top end' must ask why they stop at the bottom of the high street.
So please Mr Harrison Young why can't they be spread out so we can just have two up here ?

John Sherburn
Monday, December 5, 2011 16:43
I agree Sylvia. It would be nice to extend the lights further. We had friends from Coventry stay over with us last Christmas. They commented on how pretty the village was, particularly with the lights. After we walked through the village on Christmas Day evening, my friend's little boy said exactly the same thing.

"Why don't you have any lights on your street!!"

We live on Hall Drive and I had no answer!!
Paul Wilkinson
Monday, December 5, 2011 17:35
Hopefully someone from the Village Committee will give a qualified response, but I believe the lights can only be fixed to newer types of lamp-post. Presumably the lamp-posts on High Street don't have the necessary fixings to accommodate and power the Christmas lights.

Paul Wilkinson
Monday, December 5, 2011 20:41
I've been asked to post the following which I received email:

Paul you are correct the lampposts have to be a certain design and height, to accommodate a Socket & wiring & light decoration on the post and also the slots in the base / circuit board for the fuses and timers to allow a decoration to be attached.

Also consideration has to be taken as we cannot have a light where the lamp is attached to a house / building or where a forced overhang onto the highway would be an issue for passing vehicles

Unfortunately these are not in place yet, but the Village Committee has been working (for around 18 months now) to try get the lights extended but there are a number of organisations & council departments (eg NY Highways etc.) which need to be consulted before the Village Committee can consider getting the works done and purchasing the further lights.

Unfortunately we have lost some decorations to damage in the high winds this year but have replaced them straight away at a significant cost as we felt we didnt want the village to miss out.

We do look to extend, as lights are upgraded to improve the display, but do remember unfortunately not every lamppost on every street in the village can have a decoration. So we try our best to brighten up the winter nights!

Regards David Harrison-Young, Chairman, SVC 07841 011890
ps i would rather people called me to discuss / ask questions so i can respond directly Thanks
Sylvia Dowgill
Tuesday, December 6, 2011 07:14
Thank you for your reply David, and for the committees continued hard work . We look forward to some lights up here.

It's important that questions like this are aired and this forum allows the answers to be made public, a valuable service which as a village we are lucky to have.
Thank you Paul.

Stephen Bielby
Sutton in Craven
Wednesday, December 7, 2011 20:54
I agree the lights are a great feature of the village and the committee work very hard ensuring we have a good selection on display - putting many other places to shame.

I also agree that likewise this forum is a great benefit to the community and would personaly like to thank Paul for his hard work in running this site and forum.

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