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Paul Wilkinson
Monday, April 6, 2020 18:13
Gathering by the Fountain
From John Laycock

"Can anyone date this photograph or recognise the occasion?

I suspect that it is something to do with the Baptist Chapel.

Can you identify anyone?

The gentleman in trilby in the foreground is my grandfather whilst on the front row George Barrett in school cap looks back into the camera. Next to him Leonard Barrett seems deep in thought.

One for the Pickles brothers perhaps."

click to view the gathering by the Fountain photograph

Howard Barrett
Monday, April 6, 2020 20:11
Yes they certainly look like George (my Dad) and Leonard Barrett, who does look to be up to something, likewise the lady four female faces to the right (per the photo)!

My Dad and all his siblings were born 5 years apart - that's what you call family planning! Edith first, then Clifford, Leonard, Brian and George.

So Leonard was 10 years older than George, and George was born in 1918.

The difference in their height then suggests Leonard was fully grown or thereabouts, perhaps in his early twenties. He remained slightly taller than George but not by much.

George's hat might suggest he is at secondary school (in today's language), so if George was 12, with Leonard 22, the photo would be taken around 1930.

Any better offers? Were there any significant Sutton or even National events that took place around that time?

Over to the brothers' Pickles!
Howard Barrett
Monday, April 6, 2020 20:21
With hindsight, the above looks like an 11-plus question and answer!!
Alan Pickles
Wednesday, April 8, 2020 18:16
Younger Pickles brother here.
Before my time. I think that I can recognise one face in the picture but would not like to swear to it. The lady on the back row over towards the left of the picture as you look at it, standing next to the right of the lady with the white bow on her hat. She looks very much like our auntie Mary Hargreaves. She was our mother's twin sister although not identical. Denis might be able to name some more. Sorry but I have spent some considerable time looking at the picture. No one else springs to mind.
Denis Marshall Pickles
Sunday, April 12, 2020 11:13
What a great photograph. Typical of the sort of photograph taken around that time. Mid - late twenties? I think I recognise the chap at the front wearing a light coloured raincoat and a bowler hat. Isn’t that Walter Thompson? Could be! There’s a photograph of him at the formal opening of the slide in the Park and the two look very similar.
What was the occasion? I cannot hazard a guess but I somehow doubt whether it was a Baptist Chapel event. Not enough men in evidence - judging from the number of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides standing on the right hand side, I think it might be connected to the scouting movement?
Alan Pritchard
Saturday, May 30, 2020 15:25
Thanks for sharing this photograph. From it I have identified my father Wilfred Pritchard who was known to all as Bill.
He appears in the crowd towards the right of the picture with some other scouts and is standing just to the right of he base of the flag. He would have been 20 at the time and had been actively involved in the local scouting movement for a number of years.
He spent his entire working life as an overlooker at T & M Bairstow’s and lived for 60 years at West Lane. His father had been the Park Keeper during the 1930’s and 1940’s. Not sure when the fountain was installed or what the occasion might have been but nevertheless a great photograph.
Thank you.
David Laycock
Melbourne Australia
Monday, June 15, 2020 01:37
What a great photo, clear. One should be able to recognise more folk, my Grandad Laycock as well, one of the best photos of him I've seen for a while!
Just left of the middle banner, behind a Girl Guide hat, could that be my Mother?
Looking at the gathering of different groups and paper hand outs it could be a commemoration of some sort. No Pickles there, Denis?

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