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Alan Smith
Thursday, May 3, 2018 14:31
Tour de Yorkshire.
Once again this cycle race is coming through our village on Sunday 6th May,as keen cyclist for over 65 year I am perhaps more aware of the coverage this event gets world wide on the TV (channel 24 free view)It is with this in mind that the village has exposure from the air that other villages not on the race route must be quite envious of, therefore what a shame that to some extent the beauty of our village is damaged by the state of the field opposite Holme Bridge formally known as Alvic field,could not part of this eye sore be bought by our village and made into a car park where people using what l now consider to be one of the best village parks in North Yorkshire could park their cars.l spend some time keeping St Thomas church yard tidy and an see the problems car parking causes for vechicles going through the village.Going back to the earlier point I made regarding the TV coverage it is on an ITV channel so I hope there is’nt a commercial break when we should be having our moment of fame.
Denis Marshall Pickles
Friday, May 4, 2018 08:31
My TV is programmed to record the event. I too hope that a commercial break doesn’t happen as they pass through Sutton, though I believe that TV coverage of the descent down the Ellers must be almost impossible.
I hope the weather is fine and that the helicopter shots of the village include Bent Lane so that I can point out to my friends here in the Flatlands of East Anglia where I used to live and the Pinnacle which my ancestor helped to build.
Enjoy the day. You lucky people
Denis Marshall Pickles
Sunday, May 6, 2018 14:25
Very disappointing! Television coverage ceased when the leaders arrived at Sutton Stoop and rejoined them in Crosshills! No helicopter shots but the peloton was picked up as it passed the Bay Horse and I managed to get a glimpse of the Nook, the Kings Arms and Bill Walkers old house! Blink and you’d missed it! Incidentally, what’s going on at the Bay Horse?
Alan Pickles
Sunday, May 6, 2018 18:15
Read the item "Moving to Sutton". Information re the Bay Horse is there.

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