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Dave Hardman
Thursday, September 17, 2020 08:09
Footpath at top of Clough.
For info, I noticed this week that the access/egress point at the very top of the footpath through the clough (onto the road to Clough Head and Wood Top farms) has been reinstated, and access is on right of the beck (going up) as I believe it used to be, so no more trying to cross the beck through the nettles or climbing over the stone walls. There is now a nice wide access stile and marked footpath with signage. The authority have done a great job.
I hope the Strikes Lane path will be the next to be properly developed.
Robin Longbottom
Saturday, September 19, 2020 12:43
I was up at the top end of the Clough the other day and must say that the landowner and the authority should be highly commended for the work done to connect the footpath through to West Lane. A gap has been made in the wall alongside the Clough and a ladder style put over the wall into the lane. The tree planting is also a great asset to the environment and to the community.

I note that the new finger posts have a notice pinned to them advising that it is a criminal offence to damage or remove them. This has been a problem in Sutton in the past.
Denis Marshall Pickles
Saturday, September 19, 2020 16:02
I’m afraid that I am unable to imagine where this footpath at the top of the Clough runs. During my time as a youngster living in the village, it was difficult to find a legal footpath which went to the higher reaches of the Clough. In fact I believe that we would have been trespassing if we went much beyond Wood Vale Farm. However this topic, which relates to the top of the Clough, reminds me of a time, 76 years ago, when I and a few other lads did trespass! The date was Monday 29th May 1944 - Whit Monday! We’d set out up to the top of West Lane and climbed a wall to get to the beck at the top of the Clough - to a section of the beck before it drops over the waterfall. We were heading for a deeper section of the beck, just few feet deep, where it was possible to bathe. We had our swimming trunks with us. We hadn’t been there very long when the skies darkened and we decided to abandon our our ‘swim’ and head home. We missed the cloudburst which happened over Calderdale, but we had a second soaking as we ran back down West Lane.
I found out later that the storm caused significant floods in Holmfirth and several people were drowned. Anyone else remember that day?

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