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Richard Butcher
Sunday, May 2, 2010 16:22
February + March 2010 Weather Stats
- Coldest (since records began in 2000)(SRB) on average of 0.1 C
- 22 days where temp was below 0 C for minimum temp(Feb 09 had 14 days below 0 C)
- 3 days got above 0 C for minimum temp
- slightly drier than average, 75mm (3 inch), average is 95mm (nearly 4 inch)

- lowest temp at night -10 C for a March (SRB)
- average lowest temp at -0.7 C, the only March (SRB) to be below 0 C
- average rainfall at 89.5mm (3.5 inch)
- 16 nights below 0 C

- Only year (SRB) where the first three months of year have had average lowest temp below 0 C.

Graham Smith
Glusburn (ex Suttoner)
Sunday, May 2, 2010 19:37
interesting stuff Richard. thanks for posting
listening last week on radio Leeds to paul hudson who told listeners we have a 90% chance of a poor summer this time
he tracked all winters back to 1940 and found all the really cold winters are usually followed by a poor summer(90% of cases)
heres hoping we get one in the 10% bracket this time
we deserve a decent one after the last 2 washouts
cheers Graham

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