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Sam Riley
Newton Rigg College
Tuesday, March 27, 2007 09:43
A study of the landscape history of the area west of the village
Dear old Suttoner's

I am currently writing a dissertation for a Foundation Degree in Wildlife and Countryside Conservation at Bishop Burton Collage.

The title of my project is:

A study of the linear features in the western area of the Parish of Sutton-in-Craven

This covers from the Lumb Clough beck west to the parish border with Cowling and from Earls Crag (the pinicals) down to the parish boarder along Glusburn Beck.

My main study areas are:

The enclosure features of the areas

I have Identified three distinct areas of enclosures in the area.

First the medieval field on the edge of the village, these are randomly shaped and consist mainly of hedges and not walls.

Two the Malsis/New Hall area these are walled very linear enclosures but do not appear on the enclosure award of 1815ish. Interestingly they also have names on the tithe map of 1841 where the enclosures of 1815 are still named as allotments. This area also show heave adaptation in the form of large fields and crenulated walling around 1900 when Mr Lund bought and rebuilt Malsis Hall. The area also shows signs of having a folly once.

Three, the moorland enclosures of 1815 running in a line above the Cranberry Hole Jack Field Farm and the Brush.

The evolution of the highways and byways

A very complicated subject, which essential beakes down into:

Quarry and Pack horse tracks between the brush farm and the cookoo wood, these are very obvious on the ground and from aerial photography at least four small quarries operated in this area and most of the track are before the area was enclosed as the walls are built over them. There could also be some evidence to suggest that the crag road under the pinical in relatively new possibly 1842 as there is a cattle creep under it that has this carved in an edge stone.

Wood or Smith lane
This runs from the crag farm to what was the moor land edge below and to the side of the cookoo wood this then banks to the SE up across the scrub field to the E of the cookoo wood, this track also show signs of varied routes through the ages as there are two very distinct tracks. Running parallel about 15m apart. There are also two banked bend features in the wood. This track the appears to connect with one that leads up from the cranberry hole.

West Lane
This probably ended at Lane Top farm (name is very suggestive) and could have gone one of several routes, up through the cranberry hole, straight up and by the side of the Quicken hole or the modern route which has been suggest to me by Doris Riley as not existing some time around 1700 this is not very clear. Wood or Smith Lane could also have been a pre enclosure alternative.

The Blackburn Adingham and Cockling End Turnpike road, Colne Road. This history is very well documented

The evolution of the features round the 1900 bridge, this include the rout the bridge is for, the Baptist path running down from what is now the football pitch to the hlome bridge: only half was flagged due to the hosfalls not owning the last field (what is known today as the dog field) . with this I am having trouble establishing a date for the work.

How man has manage the areas watercourses

Here I am looking at:

The Heyfeild major and minor supplies, I have plans for this and reason but any other info would be appreciated.

In the area round New Hall farm a stream was piped between 1894 and 1909 with a substasintal out barn built and a large concrete sluice being built. The work was probably paid for by Mr Lund of Malsis but I cannot ascertain its function or why such outlay would be made.

The Sutton water works,
I cannot find any plans for these which would be useful I have dates for construction but that is it.

How the woodlands of the area has change over the years

Malsis great wood is the main wood to change probably when the Hall was rebuilt it blocked the view as it stood in the field below and to the west of High Malsis the park land wood now stand in its place. There was a small remnant of this to the west but this has disappeared since 1930.

Another interesting point is that in the lower of two plantation below the Brush inn/farm there may have been a pottery if any one has any information please advise.

I am also looking at all the smaller woods that exsited and their reasons for creation/felling.

I have several other features I am looking at but are too small to detail here, essential the help I am looking for is dates and any information on the landscape history of the things mentioned above i.e. the place not the people. Unfortunately this means this such as anecdotes about people using the area a of less value to me that say an account of some one building something or a map.

To let you know who I am I Sam Riley son of Chris and Angela Riley/Dickinson, Grandson of Herbert and Ida Riley(who had the second hand bike shop in the bowhill). Great Nephew of Doris Riley (Local Historian). Grandson of Mick and Wendy Dickinson/Wallbank (the milk round people).

Many thanks and I hope some one can help
Thursday, March 29, 2007 19:21
Hello young Riley,
How could anyone with anything to do with Sutton resist such a heartfelt appeal?Whilst I cannot go back with information and documentation, as far as you need, I do have maps of the Sale of Sutton from 1911. These are the property of my brother, Denis, but I am sure that he would not object to you having sight of them.
If you are interested I will make arrangements to get a CD to your mum or Grandma Dickinson.
Sam Riley
Newton Rigg College
Tuesday, April 3, 2007 08:36
Hello all and Alan

First I must make a correction when I talked about the changes to the New Hall Land I surmised that as they had happened around the time of Mr Lund changing Malsis Hall that he had the work done. It now appears after a conversation with Mr. Cooke who worked the farm that the alterations were probably made by Mr Hartley of Hartleys Ltd. Cowling.

Again I am looking for any evidence that supported the fact that he owned the farm around 1900.

Alan I would love a copy of the sales map on CD, out of interest who’s sale was it?
Sam Riley
Newton Rigg College
Tuesday, April 10, 2007 09:08
Thanks for the maps they where very useful I will try to get a copy of the assignment to you. It is still being edited and needs to be checked by my tutor but once that is done I will print the spare copies.

Many Thanks

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 18:39
Don't worry about getting an extra copy of your project for me. Just make sure that you get the qualification that you are aiming for. I hope that the info is of some use in helping you to do so. Glad to have been of help.
P.S. The view out of the back of your grandma's garden is still the best in the County.
Denis Pickles
Tuesday, April 10, 2007 18:46

Did you find out who was selling the Valuable Freehold Farms, Accommodation Land, Building Land, Allotment Gardens and Other Premises on 7th November 1911?

The vendor was Miss Emma Hartley of Sutton Hall - the lots being part of the estate of the late John William Hartley.

The plans which Alan has supplied, show the source of various water supplies, the diameter of the pipes and materials used for the conduits feeding the only reservoir then constructed [on the west side of West Lane] by the Sutton-in-Craven Water Works. The other [covered] resevoir was probably constructed in the 1920's.

PS. It's 'Pinnacle

PPS. We're related! Your great great grandfather and my grandfather were brothers.

J. Banks
Thursday, April 12, 2007 19:45
The Moonraker history group in Cowling may be able to help.
Tuesday, May 8, 2007 09:55

Re: "A study of the landscape history of the area west of the village"

Although only an addopted 'Suttoner', of 23 years standing, I am very interested in local history and I found the subject of your dissertation facinating. Keep up the good work Sam, and it would be lovely if it could be published when finished. Good luck with your degree.

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