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Thursday, October 30, 2008 18:55
The next step to stop Green lanes development
Hey everybody, the green Lanes development is to get voted on at the council meeting at Craven school on 4th of November. If it is approved for development then all the fields down from Green lanes will be up for development resutling in around 600 houses being built ON TOP OF CURRENT REQUIREMENTS. After extensive research I have discovered how to stop it.

First a little history.

This site at Green lanes apparently had a planning application once before and it was allegedly rejected by the council on the grounds that no further sites in Sutton were actualy required for development on top of the housing requirement figures. This ony changed when the growth point bid earmarked the same fields for development again! They were only apparently identified as potentialy developable BECAUSE OF THE GROWTH POINT BID. Now that growth point has been withdrawn this leaves major ambiguity (?) over the councils position on the future of this land. In theory it should now reverse its position back to its previous statement that no extra housing is actualy needed on top of the current allocated sites.

This leaves a definate strategy for NODISC.

the first thing we need to do is encourage everyone who is concerned to email the planning department at Craven district council and demand clarification on
a) current housing requirements v allocated sites and also the figures involved.
B) Has the green lane sites ever been given a specific planning acknowledgment OUTSIDE of the growth point plans?
c) Has there ever been a planning application on this land before? and if so what was the outcome and what position did the council take at that time if any?

2. The next thing we need to do is encourage as many people to go to South Craven School on 4th of November to the meeting where this vote will take place and demand clarification on all of the above!

The likely result will be that the council will need to allocate time to dealing with these requests.

I am willing to knock up flyers and hand them out at the bonfire celebrations on Sunday. ( If my printer will work for me!)

Paul Wilkinson
Thursday, October 30, 2008 21:26
The Green Lane plot in Glusburn is on the SHELAA map, so it's a proposed development site regardless of the Growth Point bid.

Rumours abound about the apparent pending u-turn by Craven District Council. I don't know the facts, but if mistakes have been made I hope councillors and officers have the bottle to admit it. And if there's a threat of legal action I hope they have the courage and integrity to make a stand against it.

The following comments relating to SHELAA Ref 322 were submitted to CDC by Glusburn Parish Council:

Physical: - Land refuse permission won in last Local Plan. Access to site unsafe and dangerous.
Environment: - Large area of high visibility open space would be lost.
Future environment: - Difficult access for high volumes of traffic using existing roads.
Other: - Only 2 x 9" surface water pipes service Glusburn. We already have flooding on Colne Road and Town End Place.

CDC response: Retain in SHELAA

Thursday, October 30, 2008 22:21
Paul, My information does come from reliable sources and apparently what I outlined above is a good strategy and will have the desired effect. No uturn is on the cards and at the present moment it would seem that the planning for the Green lane site is expected to be approved on the 4th.
There is a definite need for clarification on this site because of the fact that a previous application was refused. As I understand it no specific development requirement has been approved by the council other than because of the growth bid. As i understabnd it this is the reason why it got into ShELLA.
I will double check what you said about the SHELLA plan though.

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