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Andrew Monkhouse
Saturday, September 6, 2008 09:40
Mr Wesley's class 1964/1965
OK Sue Morgan (nee Goss), where’s the head of David Cunliffe?

I KNOW, it’s still tucked away in that little pink purse you had when you were at school, the purse you used to open up in the middle of Mr Rundle’s boring maths lesson and ogle at David Cunliffe instead!

I can understand that, good looking lad was David, we lived next door to the Cunliffe family for 15 years.

Interesting to see a picture of Mr Wesley also, god he looks so YOUNG compared to how I remember him. I can honestly say that nobody ever had a bad word to say about Mr Wesley, he was extremely fair and very popular.

Great to see some more mid-60s school photo’s. I remember John Sellers on Mr Rundle’s class photo 1966/67. I was best mates with his younger brother Karl when we were at South Craven in the 70s. John used to take us for a ‘spin’ on his 250cc motorbike, rip-roaring up and down the Steeton to Eastburn stretch of road. Didn’t seem to be any speed camera’s back then!
sue morgan
Kings Arms
Monday, September 8, 2008 17:24
Hi i right in thinking that yiu will be Ian Monkhouses cousin? Yea...been sorting photots. Hopefully one of Miss Hatchs class at South Craven soon what memories. Only just got onto web site...quite P. C illiterate but that why you have teenagers eh!!! Was laughing with Dave about the photo on Fri night. pink purse....locket!!! Mr Wesley was our cushion befoer we went to Mr Laycocks class!!!!!!! At this point we lost half of our older end of the class as my half had two years in Mr Wesleys class, and then we went on to be the first year that didn't have to do the eleven plus. Come and see me in the Kings home. We can catch up.
Andrew Monkhouse
Tuesday, September 9, 2008 22:50
Aha, I never thought of the photo in the locket, Dave dangling even closer to your heart strings!

Would love to pop into the ‘Arms’ for a few pints of wallop, but living in South Australia makes it slightly awakard. (Only) one or two decent turps houses over here, my favourite being the Irish pub Shenannigan’s where I’m on the 100 pint board for Guinness consumption - benefit being it’s $1.40 per pint cheaper, so the more you drink the more you save!

Yes Ian Monkhouse is my cousin. I’ve lost count how many kids he’s got now, it’s either 5 or 7 - the last lot being twins, ouch!

Mr Wesley most certainly was a soft cushion before Mr Laycocks class. Mr Laycock do I say this…..a traditionalist, possibly an avid reader of Charles Dickens novels. His secretary in the school office was made to stand up every time he entered the room! (I was personally told this by one of the ex-teachers about 10 years ago)

I’ll NEVER forget the day some of the South Craven pupils, were throwing stones over the perimeter fence into the boys playground. It happened just before 9.00 one morning and Mr Laycock heard the commotion from his office.

He was out of the traps like a greyhound and immediately on the scene to seek out the culprits, his cane fingers twitching, but he was unable to take direct action because the boys no longer attended Sutton school. However by this point, Mr Laycock had the taste of blood in his mouth, his eyebrows were twitching and somebody, somewhere was going to pay for what had just happened, guilty or not!

Fifteen minutes later during the school assembly the kangaroo-court trial began. Every girl, boy and teacher in the entire school stood stone silent in the main hall as Mr Laycock yelled out several names, given to him by ‘informers’.

The next thing he shrieked out “PJ (I’ll keep poor lad’s name anonymous), come out here to the front”. The entire assembly shook with a sense of impending doom. A squeaky voice then called out “He’s not here sir, he goes to South Craven school sir”. Moments later an even squeakier voice said “DJ is his brother sir and he’s here” (DJ was only 7 and in my class and had absolutely sod all to do with the earlier stone throwing incident).

That was it, the scapegoat had been identified. “DJ, COME OUT HERE” yelled the headmaster. DJ was frozen with fear as he made his way to the front of the assembly.


DJ’s vocal chords were of course in spasm at this point and simply not responding, Mr Laycock seized the boy, bent him over and gave him one almighty hiding under the gaze of the entire school. ‘Justice’ having been served, the morning assembly continued with the singing of hymns, like nothing had happened, as the inconsolable DJ tried to make sense over what had just happened.

Ah, fond school days memories!
Kings Arms
Wednesday, September 10, 2008 11:27
Had to chuckle.....had no idea you were in oz!!! You wouldn't be able to afford the Kings Arms prices for Guiness!!! Thought you were being very tactful when you said Mr Laycock was a "traditionalist".......mmm,The mere strains of "Jesu joy of mans desiring" is still enough to make my knees shake ( morning assembly with Mrs Bishop on the piano.)
Julie Baxter (nee McVay)
Monday, December 29, 2008 09:41
Sigh............ O'h come on Sue we have to tell Andrew it was ME that had the head of David Cunliffe . It was tucked into my liberty bodice.
david cunliffe
Tuesday, April 14, 2009 09:39
i think ive got 3 missing names for you, Michael Readfern is next to Andrew Haigh, Scott or Stott carn't remember first name sat next to you miss Mcvay, and Roy Hannam sat next to John Kettlewell. which ever one of you two bu***rs cut my head off should hang your head in shame.
Paul Wilkinson
Tuesday, April 14, 2009 09:57
Thanks for the names David, I've updated the page.

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