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Rosalind Watts
Wednesday, February 1, 2006 13:57
Silsden and surrounding areas of Kildwick
Hi everybody
I am hoping someone will be able to help me with a genealogical question. My Wincup ancestors were baptised in the Church at Silsden in 1800 and then again in 1801 in Kildwick. However on both accounts only the mother`s name of Mary Wincup is given. If, she had no husband ,I assume she may have been in receipt of Parish Relief. However, to date I have been unable to find where this information is lodged today.
Does anybody out there have any idea where or who I could ask?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Ros Watts
Josie Walsh
Friday, February 3, 2006 23:13
Hello Ros

In reply to your query about Mary Winkup and possible parish relief paperwork, it should be held at Bradford Archives, but I have never seen or heard of these surviving.
Might be worth a request to the Northallerton Record Office, Northallerton, although Silsden does come under Bradford, they may have been sent to Northallerton.
I did check my indexes for Silsden & Kildwick and Mary had in total 9 children, 8 baptised at Silsden, I baptised at Kildwick, no burials at Silsden, but 3 children buried in Kildwick. Do you have these if not I could let you have them, I can find no other mention of her at all plus the children.
How did you manage to get back with your family research to Silsden & Kildwick,
for Mary, where did she and the children end up, would love to know.

Best Wishes
Josie Walsh
Rosalind Watts
Tuesday, April 17, 2007 12:37
Message for Josie Walsh

Hello Josie

Firstly my sincere apologies for not replying your message on 4th February 2006. My only excuse this that family circumstances at the time did not allow me to deal with this matter, however, time marches on and now I am happily back researching my family history.

In answer to your question, yes please I would be very grateful to have details of the 3 Winkup children buried at Kildwick if possible.

It has taken me many years to get back to Mary Winkup and her brood of children, all of which seem to have be baptised with no father so I can only speculate as how Mary ended up with 9 children in as many years!!

I have since last I wrote managed to find that many of the children were born at the Helm, near Steeton - do you have any idea where this might refer to?

Anyway, hopefully you will see this message and accept my apologies.

Best wishes

Ros Watts
Josie Walsh
Tuesday, April 17, 2007 17:54
Hello Ros

No problem with the delay in replying. Details as requested for the Winkup burials at Kildwick Church.

Chrissie daug of Mary of Steeton a Spinster
buried 11th July 1801 Kildwick
John son Mary of Steeton a Spinster
buried 24th July 1808 aged 9yrs
William illegitimate son of Mary of Steeton a Spinster
buried 21st Oct 1804 aged 9yrs

Not sure where the Helm at Steeton is but will try and make some enquiries

Rosalind Watts
Tuesday, April 17, 2007 20:42
Hi Josie

My word you are prompt with your reply!!! Makes me feel even worse!!

Thanks so much for that information. Well it certainly appears that Mary was unmarried, but it is strange that only William was called "illegitimate".
I am a little surprised at the death of Chrissie, daughter of Mary buried 11th July 1801 as I had got from the IGI of a birth on 6th July 1801 in Kildwick was a Christopher Wincup. I am assuming that the IGI is incorrect.

So, at least I know that the Winkup family were still around Steeton in 1808, so I wonder what happened to Mary?. I have discovered that 3 of her children migrate south to London where the earliest record of them is a marriage in 1817.

Thank you for your help and any information that you manage to glean about the Helm would be so much appreciated.

Best wishes


ps I live in Kent so have had no chance to do any local searches so your help has been amazing
Josie Walsh
Thursday, April 26, 2007 12:58
Hi Ros

Had a quick look for The Helm at Steeton, couldn't find it on a map but in the 1841 Census for Steeton there is a Smith family living at The Helm at Steeton.
Also they appear on the 1851 Census.
Sorry thats all I could find.
Rosalind Watts
Thursday, April 26, 2007 20:17
Hi Josie

Many thanks for your help. I have a feeling that The Helm must be an address - latterly where the Smiths lived.
I am wondering if I could ask another favour please? On the IGI it says birth of Christopher Winkup in 1801 whereas the death says daughter Chrissie - do you have the Parish records for Kilwick just to check on the birth details of Christopher in 1801 and see if it is wrongly entered on the IGI.

Please ignore this request if you are unable to help but thanks once again for everything.

Best wishes

Josie Walsh
Saturday, April 28, 2007 17:21
Hi Ros

Details of baptism at Kildwick

Christopher illegitimate son of Mary Winkup of Steeton a Spinster
born 6th July 1801 bapt 12th July 1802

Found some more Helm entries
Grace daug of Jona & Grace Fell of The Helm, Husbandman
bapt 27th Aug 1727
Anne daug of above
bapt 24th Oct 1731

William son of Jeremiah & Jane Brigg of Helm a Husbandman
bapt 23rd March 1743

Mary daug of John & Mary Airton of Helm a Farmer
bapt 17th Oct 1813

Hope it helps
Rosalind Watts
Wednesday, May 2, 2007 21:16
Hi Josie

Thanks for all your help in the past few weeks.
You never know might even get to Steeton to visit one day!!

All the best


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