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Derek Bowers
Sutton in Craven
Thursday, November 24, 2011 17:48
xmas lights
i understand that street xmas lights are swithed on on the 1st of dec,why carnt this be done about a week later on the night of the carol sevice in the park..your views please...
Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Thursday, November 24, 2011 21:14
Thereís probably no right or wrong answer Derek. You know how it is, if the lights were switched on one week later then people (some) would be asking why they couldnít be switched on earlier on the 1st Dec!

I reckon as long as theyíre not switched on before 1st December is probably OK. I always think it looks a bit silly, or un-christmasy, when Xmas decorations are put up in November or even October.

Iíve never gotten used to the annual Christmas Pageant held on or around the 12th November every year in Adelaide. Donít get me wrong, itís a wonderful parade attracting hundreds of thousands of people every year with a long convoy of Xmas floats, brass bands belting out Xmas Carols and eventually Santa appears on the final float, perched high up waving frantically to the thousands of kids. BUT, itís held in the first half of November!

Actually one year shortly after we arrived in Adelaide, Santa had a heart attack mid-pageant, fell of his perch and had to be rushed to hospital in an ambulance, emergency lights flashing everywhere. Out of the blue, this other, more gaunt looking Santa suddenly appeared and clambered to the top of the perch and the parade was off and moving again.

Iím pretty sure the kids were not convinced! In fact Iím pretty sure some of the kids would have been traumatized FOR LIFE having seen the first Santa topple over and be carted off at high speed in an ambulance and a very unconvincing replacement Santa take his place like nothing had happened.

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