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Paul Wilkinson
Monday, February 20, 2012 07:52
Where was Lister Fold?

Does anybody know the location of Lister Fold?

It is listed on the 1891 census, followed by households on Main Street so may have been in that area.

Tony Ingham
Monday, February 20, 2012 11:03
Lister Fold is now known as Lister Hill,
High Street, Sutton-in-Craven.
Paul Wilkinson
Monday, February 20, 2012 11:10
That's great, thanks Tony.

This ties in with my theory that High Street was known as Main Street before Sutton Mill developed.

Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Thursday, February 23, 2012 09:38
That’s an intriguing theory Paul, that High Street was possibly known as Main Street before the Sutton Mill area was developed. I’ve never heard that before.
Paul Wilkinson
Thursday, February 23, 2012 12:10
Hi Andrew - there are a few very old photos of High Street in the gallery (Glyn Whiteoak collection, possibly others) where "Main Street, Sutton" has been written on when processed. The first time I saw one I thought it must have been a mistake, but after seeing several I have a theory that the old original Sutton village had its Main Street and the newer, separate village of Sutton Mill also had its Main Street. As the villages grew into one another this could have caused confusion, so Sutton Main Street became High Street and Sutton Mill Main Street stayed as is. This is just a theory and I haven't found anything to substantiate it. I wonder if any High Street, Sutton addresses appear in any pre 1891 census details? An 1892 map shows what is now Main Street, Sutton Mill named as "Mill Lane".
Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Friday, February 24, 2012 03:30
I think you’re bang on the money Paul (Sherlock!)

I’ve checked the UK Census details on FindMyPast and can confirm that High Street is not listed for Sutton-in-Craven for the 1871, 1881 and 1891 census data (no need to check any further back). Only Main Street, Sutton-in-Craven is listed for these 3 census dates.

Finally in 1901, the UK census records both High Street and Main Street for Sutton-in-Craven.
Paul Wilkinson
Friday, February 24, 2012 09:18
Hi Andrew, thanks for checking those details. So, sometime between 1891 and 1901 Mill Lane was renamed Main Street and Main Street in old Sutton (which is unnamed on all the old maps I've checked, despite adjacent lanes being named) was renamed High Street. Presumably this was administered by the Metropolitan Borough of Keighley Council seeing as Sutton was in West Yorkshire in those days.
Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Friday, February 24, 2012 12:02
Correct, the parish of Sutton came under the Registration District of Keighley as Sutton at that time was in the County of the West Riding of Yorkshire.

So census data using the ‘search by address’ tab, rather than ‘search by person’s name’ reveals the following Sutton streets (pertaining to the High St/Main St conundrum):

1901 census: High Street, High Street Daisy Place, High Street Westfield Place, Main Street
1891 census: Main Street (only)
1881 census: Main Street, Main St, Main St Manor Hill
1871 census: Main Street, Main Street Dairy Fould
1861 census: Sutton Lane, Sutton, Sutton Mill (no Main Street)

No mention of Mill Lane on any of the census data, although clearly the maps of the day refer to the current Main Street as Mill Lane.

I wonder if any of Sutton’s more senior brethren (Tony, Allen Chapman, Pickles Bros) can shed any more light on the puzzle?
Paul Wilkinson
Friday, February 24, 2012 12:46
Mill Lane

This screen-shot from (a brilliant site, search for "Sutton-in-Craven") of a map from 1892 shows Mill Lane either side of what we know as Main Street, Sutton Mill with houses on it.

I've just checked Sutton-in-Craven The Old Community and page 18 has a sketch titled "Sutton Mill 1850" showing "Main Street formerly Sutton Mill Lane", with houses built on Tetley Row, Harker Street, Well Street and Garden Place but no others between New Laithe and Royd Hill.

If Mill Lane isn't listed in the census could they have a Main Street address too? Can you search separately for the ward of "Sutton Mill" and see if any Main Street addresses existed there, or see what addresses are listed adjacent to Tetley Row and the 1860s built Albert Street and Victoria Street?

Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Saturday, February 25, 2012 09:00
Hi Paul, I've attempted to list all the streets in the Main St / Sutton Mill area that are captured in the census data. Any streets where I'm unsure about the location I've kept in (It's 32 years since I lived in Sutton!)

1891 census 1881 census 1871 census 1861 census

Albert Street Main St Lane End Fields
Eastfield Place Bow Hill Long House Lane Ends
Garden Terrace Lane End Main Street Owlers
Gordon Street Lane Top Main St Dary Fould Summer Street
Harker Street Main St Manor Hill New Hall Sutton
Hill Top North St Owlers Sutton Lane
Lane End Peel Terrace Peel Terrace Sutton Mill
Low Fold Rosewood Square Sutton Lane
Main Street Royd Hill Sutton Lane Top
Mill Hill Sutton Fields Sutton Lane West
North Street Sutton Mill Sutton Mill
Park Lane
Peel Terrace
Salt-Pie Road
Slater Hill
South View
Stanley Place
Sutton Fields
Victoria Street
Wright Street

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