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Paul Wilkinson
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 20:11
Flash flooding over 300 years ago
Not Sutton related, but interesting to see that flash flooding isn't a new phenomenon.

A Copy of a Letter from R. P. Vicar of Kildwick in Yorkshire, to a Friend of His in Those Parts, Wherein He Gives an Account of an Extraordinary Eruption of Water, which Happened in June, 1686.

Worthy Sir.

Have now drawn a full, though short, Account of the great Lofs fuftained by the Inhabitants of Keftlewell and Starbotton, in Craven, in the County of York , by a fudden overflow of Water, The Towns are fituate under a great Hill on the Eaft and Weft , the Country is very mountainous aud Rocky.

The Defcent
of the Rain was after a Thunder-Clap, for the Continuance of about an Hour and half, with extraordinary Violence, and by feveral Eye-witneffes, the Rock on the Eaft fide opened vifibly, and Water they beheld thence into the Air, the height of an ordinary Church-Steeple so that the Current of Water came down the Hill into the refpective Towns, as in one entire Body, and with a Breaft as if it would have drowned the whole Towns.

Several Houfes were quite demolished, and not a Stone left, others gravel'd to the Chamber-Windows . fome Inhabitants driven, until this Day, from their Habitations, the Current of the Water running through their Houfes , mighty Rocks defcended from the Mountains into the Valley, and there lie immovable , many fair Meadows cover'd with Sand and Stones, that the Worth of the Soil will not regain the fame. Houfhold-goods taken away into the great River of Wharfs, and befides many quick Goods. The loss reputed, to be many Thoufand Pounds. Many Families quite ruined , others in part only.

Such an Inftance hath not been heard of within Memory, confidering all Circumftances. Much more might be faid , but, in short, this may fatisfy as an intelligible Account of what you requefted from, Since the firft Flood that I have related, there have been Two others, though not so great and dangerous : For the Towns have either of them a great Beck (as we call it) or Current of Water runing through them, which by the firft Flood weregravel'd up, fo that the Paffage is much altered, and cannot be regained , though there have been many Hundreds of Men fet to do it, and Hundreds of a Day.

Maurice Atkinson
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 21:16
Wow! Muft have been global warming!

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