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Wednesday, October 17, 2007 12:41
crosshills picture house
What a nice reminder of my young days, the weeks new film was the best thing about saturday afternoons, a group of us used to walk from eastburn and back after the film. I seem to remember they sometimes had some kind of "offer" on where if you took an empty tea packet you got in for free??
In the early seventies when it was a bingo hall I used to work there on a friday and saturday evening taking money in the little kiosk (i wrote my name on the counter in there, wonder if its still there? wonder if the picture house is still there?) I used to check the winning tickets, and sweep up all the used tickets and fag ends after everyone had left, happy days.
Wednesday, October 17, 2007 12:49
Hi Sara

The picture house building is still there, it's now a furniture shop/showroom called Hansons, they have a web site at...

David in Oz
Wednesday, October 17, 2007 13:19
RE Charlies Thats what I remember it as. I also can recollect coming out after a cowboy or Zorro type film and going up the hill past a garden shop, buying a bamboo cane and "fencing" all the way home!
A Former Holme Bridger
Wednesday, October 17, 2007 22:37
Aaaah.....Charlies Saturday Matinees.
I remember a big group of us from Holme Bridge would go to Charlies on a Saturday afternoon to watch the weekly installment of Chico The Rainmaker who was a weird little shrunken head in a box. We would watch 2 or 3 shortish films and then it was straight across the road and down the old train station sidings to do a bit of cheggying. Another thing we did which seems unbelivable now, but at the time it was quite normal, was for us kids to actually place pennies on the train track and wait for a train to run over them. If you were lucky you got a very thin oval penny back but if you were unlucky you were just left with an imprint of the queens head on the track while your penny simply vanished.
Ah yes, the days before Health And Safety had been invented.

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