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Sue Bickerdike
Algarve, Portugal
Tuesday, October 22, 2013 10:26
Various - Sutton in Craven
I have been fascinated by the information and pictures in the 'Sutton Then & Now' Part I. My husband's Cryer family lived in Main Street, Sutton for a number of years in the 1870's/80's. After posting a request on the forum in May last year, I received some very useful family information from Jose Walsh. Hazel Martell actually purchased no 36 Main Street where the family lived & provided me with a photograph of a brick in the wall of the house showing the initials of one of the family as well as other fascinating information. Sadly due to a computer blip for some reason I lost the details of Jose and Hazel but have recently been able to retrieve their e-mail addresses. On the S-i-C web site there is also further fascinating information regarding part of this family. In the section on the National School Log Book, reference is made to a James Cryer as a student teacher at the school, who I believe to be my husband's grandfather. I believe a photograph added in April this year, from 1897 on the Sutton National School - the photograph showing Group 5 - the teacher could well be that of the said James Cryer. So, from the very wet and soggy Algarve today - please accept my most grateful thanks to anyone who has in any way contributed to all the information on this brilliant web-site. One day I hope we will able to visit all the places in question! Thank you so much. Sue

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