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David Laycock
Saturday, April 14, 2007 12:14
Mrs. Baker's class of 65
A couple of names of interest:-
Monkhouse, what relation to Ivan if any?
Marklew, what relation to the Marklews of Farnhill if any who had a fire lighting business up behind where the Kettlewell's lived?
Andrew Monkhouse
Sunday, April 15, 2007 07:13
Hello David, yes Ivan Monkhouse was my cousin. His father Bill Monkhouse and my father Jacob were brothers.

Unfortunately Ivan passed away last month on 5th March 2007 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada where he had lived for most of his life.

Not sure about the Marklew's of Farnhill. Paul Marklew in the photograph lived at Crosshills and had 3 brother's and 1 sister

All the best, Andrew
Neil Marklew
Tuesday, April 17, 2007 09:44
Hi David / Andrew

My grandfather (Dennis) and grandmother (Grace) lived in Farnhill (Cragtop farm then Mary st) pre 2nd world war before moving to Station Rd Crosshills just after the war, I don't know quite when they moved to Sutton (Kings Court) but I think it was around the 1960's.
The firewood buisness was located at Rose Mount and was run in partnership by
Dennis and Edgar (brothers).
I am the youngest brother of Paul who now lives in Cowling.
If I can answer any more questions please don't hesitate to ask, I will keep my eye on this forum,

Regards Neil.
Tuesday, April 17, 2007 17:38
Hello all,
The names Monkhouse and Marklew both conjure upmany memories.
Jim Monkhouse, One of few Queen's Scouts. Also a member of the Steeton Male voice choir. Betty Monkhouse, she of the superb singing voice. Member of Sutton Chapel choir and Sunday school concerts. One of the pictures on the Gallery shows her taking part in one such concert. Ivan features in the photo of the slidr opening in the Park. Sorry to hear of his passing.
Is leonard Marklew one of your relatives, Neil? I don't think that I have heard of, or seen him since I left Sutton. He was in the same year at KBGS as Denis.
Andrew Monkhouse
Wednesday, April 18, 2007 04:45
Hello Neil

When I was at Sutton County Primary School I remember your sister Janet Marklew being in the same class as myself throughout and I'm pretty sure Paul was one year lower.

So why Paul is in the 1965 class with me and Janet is not I'm not sure !

I also remember the day your brother Robert was sliding down the ice-slide in the playground one winter, fell over at the end and broke his leg. Myself and two others were summonsed to Mr Laycocks office to give eye witness accounts of what had happened.

Your other brother Stephen (Steven ?) was 2 or 3 years older than me, so I didn't know him too well.

Hello Alan

Yes, Betty Monkhouse had (has) a sensational singing voice, she would often be invited to sing during service at the baptist chapel and also at wedding ceremonies.

Her brother Jim still sings in a choir and has done for most of his life, quite a singing family. I seem to have missed out quite badly on the singing genes though !

Betty lives at Crosshills and Jim lives at Cowling.

All the best, Andrew
David L
Wednesday, April 18, 2007 12:04
Hi Andrew and Neil,
Yes it's a great forum to be associated with.
Thanks Andrew for your reply and as Alan said it was sad to hear of Ivan;s passing. The Monkhouses were always invovled pantos etc. at the chapel.
One of my fond memories of Ivan was his favourite recitation of a poem which started:- I've riven mi britches reet across fra climin ower a fence etc. can't remember the next?
Neil, thanks for your reply. I knew your Grandad and Grandma well. They lived in Farnhill for as long as I knew them (I left UK in 66 for NZ). He used to own a barge and we spent many happy hours "sailing" on the cut (between pubs)! His sons Paul? was older than me and Brian was also a year ahead. I used to go out with your Auntie Joan in those days and often wonder where she is and how she is going on. The last time I saw her and your Gran was at my mums funeral in Nov 63. Keep in touch with the forum it's an excellent form for communication and reminiscing for we oldies.
David in Aus
Wednesday, April 18, 2007 18:23
Who are you calling oldies. Silver surfers we may be, but you are only a slip of a lad. I didn't realise that you had left Sutton so long ago. Earlier you mentioned meeting up with Brenda Grimes' husband. Denis Whitaker. He and I were in the same form at KBGS. I have often wondered what happened to him. Is he still about?
Keep in touch and stir some of the others up. I have had a walk down memory lane today by walking through the park.It is a pleasure to do so. Not a lot has changed. The shelters are still the same although the one near the tennis courts has now disappeared along with the slide and the toilets. The bowling and putting greens are both well maintained and the main drive is a picture.
Take care.
Neil M.
Friday, April 20, 2007 11:17
It's great to hear from you all,
Leonard was my great uncle, I don't know why he was in the same year as Dennis. I will let my father Dennis,who now lives in Portugal know about this forum
he will know a lot more of the facts relating to your eara.
my sister Janet lives in Crosshills and is still going strong,why Paul is on the same photo I do not know,maybe it's because ther is only 10 months between thier birth dates?
I'm glad to hear you remember our brother Robert,as you will probobly know he passed away in his teens due to having Muscular Dystrophy,a probable reason why his leg broke so easily on that cold winters day.Steve is still around he will be 50 this year and is as mad as ever !! he like myself lives in Sutton.
It sounds like you had some great times on the barge (plenty of Tetley's I hope)
My dad is Dennis (Portugal). I've often been told the story of when my brother Steven pulled the plug out on the barge causing it to you remember this ? or was it you!
Joan now lives in Askrigg near Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales, she has a daughter Pam (lives in Sutton) and son Robert (lives in Hawes) Garth Haigh is Joans husband I don't know if you know him but he's a big fella so be carefull what you say!
Brian lives in Utley and is married to Pat they have two sons Lawrence and Leigh. I will tell them all about this forum so they can join in.
Denis Pickles
Saturday, April 21, 2007 07:59
Re Leonard Marklew.

I think that there may be some confusion here! A case of too many Denis/Dennis'!
Leonard Marklew, Neil's great uncle, left the Council school in 1945, winning a County Minor Scholarship to Keighley Grammar School. He was in the same year as me, but the only time we were in the same class was at Sutton. My lasting memory of Leonard takes me back to Rebecca Wilsons class - a poetry lesson. Leonard could recite the first verse of a poem which opens, 'You know we French stormed Rattisbon. A mile or so away on a little mound, Napoleon stood on our storming day. With neck out-thrust, you fancy how, legs wide, arms locked behind '.......... etc,etc.. without drawing breath once. Forget punctuation! He'd started, so he finished - all in one go. Some feat!

So who was the relation of Leonard's who was steward at the Keighley Rugby Union Club at Utley? Gee Whiz! the web gets more tangled!
Saturday, April 21, 2007 13:31
Thanks for coming to the rescue. I had forgotten even though David sought to remind us, just how many generations are using this site. All this is down to Irene Martin. ( how many will know her as such?)
Neil M
Saturday, April 21, 2007 13:42
Hi Denis, I will do my best to make this as simple as I can!!
Leonard was my fathers uncle,my father being Dennis Jnr who together with my mother Barbara were the stewards of KRUFC.
I hope that is clear for you?
Denis Pickles
Sunday, April 22, 2007 12:29
Thanks for the explanation Neil. I'm really not old enough to be as old as I am!!!!
So what happened to Leonard?

I know Irene Martin. Who remembers her brother-in-law, Alan Baker, the big lad who played for Skipton RUFC, Leicester Tigers and I believe he had an England trial? And his sister Mary?

There were some good rugger plaers in Sutton in the 50's/60's. As well as Alan Baker there was Kenneth Pickles, Ken Waterhouse, John Stanley Bell. Any others?
Tim Jackson
Saturday, May 5, 2007 00:39
andrew monkhouse, did you move to oz?
Andrew Monkhouse
Saturday, May 5, 2007 17:22
Hey Tim ! How the heck are you ? I sent you a message via the Friend's Reunited web-site 5 or 6 years ago but never heard back. Assumed you were having too much of a good time over in Canada to get chance to check your mail !

I can't remember this class photo being taken for the life of me but it's definitely me & thee on there !

Yes, I moved to Oz in 1994 and have lived in Adelaide since. Keep an eye on the Friend's site, I'm about to re-subscribe so I'll drop you a line with my email address.
tim jackson
Friday, May 11, 2007 03:15
Hi Munch, i'm glad we got in contact after all that, i haven't been on the friends site for a while-too busy and all that-buy I shall and post my e-mail. Hope you're ok. bye for now
David Laycock
Thursday, May 17, 2007 12:48
Sorry Neil not to have replied earlier. It's not that easy to get onto the pc when one's daughter has to get her major in asap! Yes I know Garth, Joe Harry's lad. Unless he has had a lot of horse muck in his shoes since I last saw him, I don't think he would be any bigger. Talking about rugby your Uncle Brian was, if I remember, a bloody good player. Give my regards to Joan and Garth and Brian and Pat. God bless the Dog and Gun.
dennis marklew jnr.
Sunday, June 17, 2007 22:26
Its all very interesting and a little complicated but Ill try and clear up one or two points from Portugal. Leonard is my Uncle and lives at Riddlesden. He is only a few years older than I am and spent his working life at Keighley Lifts. My Grandad, Edgar, lived down Station Rd at Crosshills and Brian, my Sister Joan and Myself lived at Farnhill for many years with Dad Dennis and Mum Grace who have both passed on as has our Uncle Edgar who was in Partnership with Dad in the Firewood Buisness situated at the bottom of west lane in Sutton. They later aquired the Farm belonging to Allan Kidd and Croft Shed and developed the reclaimed timber side of the buisness from there. I married Barbara in 1958 and after living at Crag Top on Farnhill Moor for Four years we moved to Crosshills where we brought up our Family Steven, Janet, Paul, Robert, who we lost to Muscular Dystrophy in 1978, and Neil. So far as I can see Janet and Paul do not appear on the photograph together. The story of the sinking of the canal boat goes like this. Dad and Edgar decided to clean and paint the boats keel and used a block and tackle and some three legs to haul the boat over as far as they could to enable this opperation. The block and tackle were attached to a convenient gas lamp. They did not realise that the exhaust ventilator pipe had become submerged and subsequently the boat filled up with water overnight and sank, causing the gas lamp to keel over at right angles to the canal bank. This was the subject of much hilarity in the White Lion tap room for ages. As Neil has said we now live on the Algarve but will be in Sutton for a few weeks commencing 3d July and would be pleased to meet up with any one who is interested. Long live the Forum, we think its a great way to keep in touch.
David L in Oz
Monday, June 18, 2007 13:24
Hi Dennis Jnr.
Good hear you participating on the forum, it's an excellent way of keeping in touch.
I certainly have had a lot of memories rekindled thru this medium. As mentioned earlier in the forum, I referred to you as Paul sorry about that, 1966 when I left UK is along time ago. If I remember correctly the barge was owned by an ex director of the L & L canal.
We used to go up to Gargrave on Sunday am and check the pub out. I constantly marvel how we remember events, and faces for that matter, that took place so many years ago, but fail to remember a few days ago! Mind you we do develop selective hearing as we age.
Would love to see you on your return to Sutton but the buses don't run that far!!!!!!
dennis junior
Monday, June 18, 2007 13:49
Your memories not bad at all David. The boat, Queen Alexandre by name, was something of a rarity on the L&L being a narrow boat previously used by the canals directors to inspect the waterway. Father Dennis used to take it, along with a few of his mates, on holiday to York. The journey took a fortnight to accomplish (return) and took in Leeds, Castleford and Selby lock into the Ouse and on to York.
Ive often wondered where it is now and would love to see it again.
Harry Proud
Saturday, June 30, 2007 20:08
i used to go to school with steven (maggot)marklew ,robert davy,his dad was a plumber,lynn baraclough ,peter stoker,remember mrs bishop and the headmaster mr laycock,i used to live at high pole farm we were brought to sutton country prinary school in a mini bus a long with maria smith, after school finished i moved to germany with the army,then stopped here all the best to anyone who knows me
Andrew Monkhouse
Sunday, July 1, 2007 11:25
Hi Harry, I remember you although it was your younger brother Frank who was in my year at Sutton Primary and South Craven schools. Last I saw of him he had also joined the army.

High Pole farm, is that the same farm that Derek Jeff used to have up the Ellars. Peter Jeff would probably be a similar age to yourself.

David in Oz
Sunday, July 1, 2007 13:40
Hi Dennis,
Good to hear from you.
I am sure that if you had a good time those many years ago, you don't forget them. I'm sorry that I didn't stay around long enough to have been able to take a trip of that magnitude. I always had a great respect for your father and thought he was a great philosopher, he seemed to always have something interesting to say especially in the snug proir to Sunday lunch. I have a friend who has gone across and bought a barge and is currently cruising around for six months and loving it.
Harry Proud
Monday, July 2, 2007 08:15
hello andrew my brother Frank join the RAF and served 21 yrs mostly in cyprus he is now living in nottingham,i will let him know that you asked about him.high pole farm go up west lane to cross roads then left to the bottom of the big hill and you are there notice the big ugly building errected by mr graem thomas who lives in the barn part of high pole farm ,the people who took over from us i don,t know,all the best Harry
tim jackson
Monday, July 23, 2007 03:02
Andrew Monkhouse,
Send me an e-mail please
tim jackson
Andrew Monkhouse
Sunday, August 5, 2007 01:33

Having problems emailing you at the above email address. Messages come back as 'failure notices' undeliverable.

Also tried contacting you via Friends Reunited, but again your email address may have changed or not be current.

Drop me a line when you get chance :

Kevin Bainbridge
Monday, October 29, 2007 16:03
Re the Marklew's firewood business. I was in the same class at Sutton in Craven Primary School as John Marklew, Edgar's son & I well remember the firewood business. Of course in those days virtually the whole village was coal fired so firewood or "sticks" as they were often referred to were a welcome encouragement to get the coal quickly ablaze on a chilly morning. I seem to remember a van coming round the estate (we lived on Dovelands on the estate behind the church) with a few school kids in tow selling firewood door to door. My parents would regularly purchase a sack of logs (a peper sack of sawn up railway sleepers) which could be reduced to sticks with the deft use of a hatchet. On one Saturday afternoon when the folks were out visiting relatives, there being little on the telly to entertain me (only 2 channels in those days if you were lucky - does anyone remember the joy when Ramsbottoms ran their cable through the village & we could actually get ITV?) I decided to set about the logs with the hatchet. Unfortunately my concentration must have slipped & I managed to cleave a nice thick piece of flesh from the side of my thumb. Parents returned & followed a trail of blood through the passage way and kitchen to find me, pale faced, slumped in the chair with yards of bandage round my hand. Off to Victoria hospital in Keighley for 7 stitches to repair the damage. On the plus side I got 2 weeks off cross country running at school!
In those days you could hire the swimming baths in the village - ten bob for an hour after 6p.m. We must have been invited to join a group sometime in the mid 50's and over the years various families came & went until at the end there were 3 families, me, my mum & dad, John Marklew & his mum and dad and Bill and Janet Goodall and their daughter Katherine. We has some great time & I became quite a strong swimmer and on the odd occasion if the "grown ups" were busy us kids would be allowed to take some friends along & we would have the place to ourselves. The evening always ended with us 3 kids dashing up to feed the chewing gum machine outside the sweet shop (owned at the time by Janet Goodall's mum) next to the post office - you always hoped you would be the one to get the free packet if the arrow on the handle was pointing in the right direction. Bill & Janet lived just across the road so us and the Marklew's walked up the village together where we would pop into the chip shop behind the Kings Arms & take home a tasty supper. I can't ever remember fish and chips ever tasting so good -I think the copious amounts of chlorine in the baths must have cleared out the siuses and pepped up the taste buds.

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