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Alan Pickles
Wednesday, March 7, 2007 14:25
Photos of Sutton Council School 1950s
The photographs are excellent and to Dr. John, can I say "thank you" for putting them on the site. The end photograph of the teachers brought back many memories. Stanley Bell kept cropping up in different guises throughout my life - teacher, Mayor of Keighley, and Chairman of the Police Authority. He was a larger than life character with a massive personality. Sidney Laycock, neighbour and became headmaster after I had left. He was another person that was approachable for advice when I needed it.

The young lady on the back row (Next to JSB) was a teacher when I attended the school, a Miss Kitching or Kitchener, but the one I will always remember, is the lady on the front row second from the end right. (In front of Miss Kitching) Miss Rebecca Wilson. What a wonderful lady she was. She held every child's attention in class. I can never remember her raising her voice to anyone. She stood a little over five feet tall but had the respect of everyone. I used to look up to her in those days but could not accept that she was as small as she was when I met her a number of years later. I was only six feet three inches tall and towered over her.

Thanks for the photos once again and in particular the last one.

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