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Andrew Monkhouse
Sunday, June 10, 2007 01:29
Church School class photo's ?
It's great that this web-site is slowly accumulating more and more class photo's from Sutton County Primary School. I was wondering where all the Church school class photo's are ? Not one on the site as of yet. Were any taken ?

Going back to the County School, I reckon the school office has a dusty old box hidden away in a closet somewhere containing every class photo taken from every year.

Am a little amazed that between all of the visitors to this wonderful web-site we still have lots of unidentified faces from 1950s and 60s class photo's. The only exception being the 1965 class photo from my year !
Fiona Beetles
Wednesday, June 27, 2007 16:10

I am the Headteacher at Sutton Community Primary School. It was prevoiusly the County Primary and if I am right the Council School before that. We do indeed have (several) dusty boxes of photographs which are kept safe and dry in school. We are always happy to arrange access for people researching family history and whilst we can not guarentee to help we will do our best to help anyone out - sadly many photos do not have names.
Andrew Monkhouse
Sunday, July 1, 2007 11:54
Hi Fiona, good news ! thanks for verifying the existence of not one box, but BOXES of school photo's. Whilst you mention that many photo's do not have names on, this must mean that some are named which is great !

So Fiona would you be able to clarify the situation please. If an individual was interested in searching for a particular class photo with themselves on it for example, do they ring up the school and make an appointment to search through the boxes ?

If so and they happen to find a photo of their particular class year, can the photo be scanned there and then in the school office ? are they for sale ? is there a cost involved either way ?

Finally, I'm curious to know how far back the school photo collection goes. Is there any indication as to when the first photo's were taken and have there been school photo's archived yearly since ?
Fiona Beetles
Friday, July 13, 2007 16:04
If you want to search the boxes - not really archived, just boxes - contact the school via phone 01535 633064 or email You can then make an appointment. As for charging as a school we always welcome donations and would at least expect the cost of copying to be covered (yes we can arrange for this to be done in school)
Hope this helps
Nancy Wadsworth nee Spencer
Thursday, December 27, 2007 17:15
I have a school photo from 1963 showing the top class of the church school. It was recently published in the Craven Herald. When it's returnd to me from the paper I will arrange to have a copy posted.
Paul Wilkinson
Tuesday, February 12, 2008 20:03
Hi Nancy. Many thanks for the loan of your Church School Class Photos and the other gems from your collection. They are now on-line in the gallery.

Andrew Monkhouse
Saturday, February 16, 2008 06:17
Nancy, amazing pictures ! I was particularly interested in the Sutton Gym Club, pre-1914 photograph featuring Pte Frederick Simpson.

For some reason Pte Simpson appears on the Kildwick war memorial as well as the Sutton park memorial. The web-site ďCravenís Part in the Great WarĒ also shows he was an Australian born in Sydney and is absent of any photoí, so they may be interested to see this picture of Pte Simpson.

Nancy, what about the other people on the photo ? Is Pte Simpson the only person who is identified on the back ?

The Air Raid Wardenís photo from 1940 is also a fascinating shot with many of the men donning WW1 medals. Iím assuming these are Sutton lads, is anybody able to confirm this ? Does anybody recognize the building in the background ?
Denis Pickles
Saturday, February 16, 2008 09:13

The photograph of the Air Raid Wardens was taken on the steps of St Thomas' Hall. I recognise most of the chaps featured - a lot of them were fathers of boys and girls I played with at the time.
At the risk of boring you, I'll give you some of my thoughts on the chaps I remember.
Back Row. Horace Baker: father of Mary Baker who was in my class at the Council School and to whom I was engaged to be married when I was seven years old! We called it off when Horace found out! Her big brother Alan was a rugby player [in the 1950's] who played for Skipton and Leicester Tigers.
George Wilcock,[not Wilcox] our next door neighbour, lived at 15 Hazel Grove, father of Brian, Peter and Christine Wilcock. He eventually served in the Navy spending a rough time on Malta during the war. The Wilcock family emigrated to Canada in 1948. Peter who died in his early 40's, became Professor of Paediatrics in Edmonton. Brian, who I spoke to only last night, became a dentist in Vancouver and Christine became a nurse in Toronto/Montreal. She died a year ago.
I think the Mr Smith will be Eric Smith who was our next door neighbour on the other side. No children. I remember him as a cyclist. His wife Kitty had been a 'hostel girl' [I think.]
Sixth Row. Alf Mitchell. Chauffeur for Col Bateman father of Elma ; lived on Ash Grove. Alf taught me to drive - I learned double declutching and all the hand signals necessary to pass my test first time.
Fred Birtwhistle. Lived at the bottom of Bent Lane - married to Ida.
Alan Barrett; father of Roger and John who went to KBGS at the same time as me. Alan was a great tennis player and supporter of youth activities at the Baptist Chapel Recreational Club.
Fifth Row. Reg Allen, father of Brian Allen. The Allen's lived in the bungalow at the bottom of Bent Lane. I believe Brian is still in residence there. Reg had a grocers shop in Utley.
The Ellisons, Reg and Hubert. They lived 'up Sutton' Hubert had lost an arm in WW1. They were related to the Wilcocks - Shirley Ellison rings a bell?
Fourth Row. Cyril Midgley- lived in Hazel Grove - father of the twins Ruth and Jean who were a bit older than me. Cyril was the manager of Sutton Mill Co-op and also played an active part in the Baptist Chapel. Ruth and jean had a great sledge which I used to borrow back in the days when we did have snow.
Third Row. Tom Riley. Was this Margaret's dad who lived down by the post office?
Second Row. Frank Barrett - a prominent member of the Cricket Club, played tennis and badminton too. He lived on Boundary Avenue. Didn't he have a son named David?
Edward Greenwood. Lived on Holme Lane. He was a widely respected Naturalist. He had two sons, Stuart who worked in a Bank [there's a photograph of his wedding somewhere in the gallery] .Stuart was a great musician and was connected with the Operatic Society. He played the organ at the Chapel too. The other son, Peter [Soz], sadly died aged 21 yrs. yrs.
George Caterall, father of my pal Alan Caterall. A Liverpudlian with a very loud voice. I never realised that he'd been in WW1 - probably in the Navy bearing in mind that he came from Liverpool. He worked in the Mill in that little office at the gate.
Front Row [The Top Brass]
Martin Parker. Wasn't he a plumber? Lived near the Post Office.
Donald Laycock. Father of our Autralian correspondant David if I remember correctly. Donald lived on Crag View. Another son, Allan is a talented artist now living in Gloucestershire.
Head warden, Hugh Spencer lived in Hazel Grove Road. Had a daughter called Sheila - a lovely blonde haired girl.
Schoon. Lived next door to the Spencers in a bungalow. Daughter Cynthia?

Just a few random thoughts - with probably more than a few inaccuracies - but what do you expect after almost sixty years?

Andrew Monkhouse
Saturday, February 16, 2008 10:53
Well done Denis ! None of the names are familiar to me, but youíve managed to identify several and also the location Ė St Thomasís Hall.

Iím assuming all of these people patrolled the streets of Sutton on a night time checking for chinks of light through curtains during the black-outs. Letís face it, there was the Steeton arms manufacturing dump near-by that the Gerries were looking for !

These guys were probably also locally trained in fire-fighting should there have been a raid. All of them would have received the Defence Medal for Home Guard service during WW2

You mention the head warden Hugh Spencer. I notice he has a fourth medal aside from his 1914/15 Star, British War Medal and Victory medal for WW1. I canít quite make out what this 4th medal is because it is twisted away from the camera slightly, but my guess is it is either a Long Service & Good Conduct medal, or an Imperial Service Medal. It isnít a gallantry medal because it would be positioned first ahead of the WW1 trio. If the photo was in colour I could have identified it from the ribbon colours.

Not sure what the badge is on the left lapel of each person, but Iíve already made enquires to identify it.
Andrew Monkhouse
Saturday, February 16, 2008 10:59
Willie Sturdy, was he the butcher down the bottom of Main St ?
Paula Margetson
Sunday, February 17, 2008 17:03
Hi, I am a current teacher at the school. I agree I am disapointed we have not got more photos of Sutton in Craven C of E primary school on the gallery. I am glad a few are appearing, we are celebrating our 150th aniversary this year and on the search for photos and info. We have a few photos at school. I will need to look and see how far back they go, I think only the early 80s.

Any historical info about our school would be gratefully appreciated anyone is welcome to pop in or email any info to us.

Sunday, February 17, 2008 17:38
Yes, Willie Sturdy was the butcher.
Shame on you, Alan Barrett was John's father. The younger son was Robert not Roger. He married Eleanor Buck. The Roger Barrett was the grandson of Mrs. Barrett of Cedar Grove who used to chase us of the field where the air raid shelter was, Mother of Margaret Barrett. I think Roger's dad was called George. You certainly did a good job naming the rest.
Andrew Monkhouse
Monday, February 18, 2008 08:34
Received the following email from my 'medal' mate

I would say the badge these gentlemen are wearing on their left lapel is
an "AIR RAID WARDENS" badge. It was made of silver. I think I have one at home
so I could show you what it looks like.
David Laycock
Saturday, February 23, 2008 12:44
Hi Andrew, Denis and all,
One person not mentioned in your memories was Gordon Laycock dad's younger brother and father of John ex Bent Lane now Hall Way. A member of the Baptist Church choir and Operatic society.
Nnacy Wadsworth
Sunday, February 24, 2008 11:29
Andrew your note of 16 Feb regarding Pte Simpson. Frederick Simpson was my grandad & he is the only one I can put a name to on the gym club photo. He was killed in 1915 and at the time he, my grandma Edith & my mum Nellie lived in Sutton Mill. I didn't realise that his name was recorded on the Kildwick War Memorial until now. He was indeed born in Burwood, Sydney Australia although his parents both came from Crosshills, emigrating to Australia in the late 1870's I think, although I don't have any further details. It puzzles me as to why they emigrated and then came back again in such a short space of time but whilst my grandma and mum were alive I was young and didn't have any interest in my ancestors. Now I have no one left to ask !.

I have a copy of the air raid warden photo because Harry Ackroyd was my great uncle.

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