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David Laycock
Friday, May 22, 2009 13:40
Current photo on the home page.
Having looked at the photo currently on the home page, it suddenly dawned on me:- I used to go shooting up on the fields and moors in the photo.
I would walk from Crag View up Crag Lane, through Helliwell's Crag Farm, maybe put a rabbit up on the way when I cut through Bent farm's fields. There was a right of way up towards Stubbin Hill farm?? and I used to climb up towards the small wood up to the right of the photo. It was a favourite spot of mine for a couple of reasons, one, there was a good chance of a shot at a wood pidgeon, but you had to be very patient and a good shot as they were very cagey.After a shot you new they would not be back for along time so I used to walk up past the wood and see if there were any hares. I usually came back down the left hand side and sat on a rock and spent time looking out over the valley.
It was good to be able to sit and view what was happening for some distance.
This does not have anything to do wth the topics currently under discussion, but goes to show how some photos can bring back pleasing memories just as fishing in't beck did for many!.

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