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Tim Armsby
Wednesday, March 12, 2014 18:52
Sign in DW, lets hear your view.
I've been campaigning about the woods, and I put my real name on the thread, and I put my phone number on a flyer at the entrance to the woods.
This aft' someone rang (DW) and said in a very loud and broad Yorkshire accent (if you can call it 'saying', it was like I was 3 fields away ) I SUPPOSE YOU THINK YOU HAVE WON....YOU'VE RUINED EVERYTHING....IS THAT YOU WRITING ON THE FORUM, YOU'RE TALKING RUBBISH....YOU'VE SCARED THE WOODLAND PEOPLE AWAY[ THEY'LL NEVER COME BACK]....(and then) YOU'RE NOT FROM ROUND HERE ARE YOU....

I invited DW to re-read everything that I had written (which he obviously didn't comprehend the first time) Nor did he get the real meaning of the last Woodland Trust email. And offered to read them to him....answer YOU'RE NOT FROM ROUND HERE ARE YOU.

I told him of the 200 people I have talked to over the last 8 days- who have generally been in favour of regeneration but wanted consultation and change from Woodland Trust....200 very nice people (I haven't talked so much ever). DW asked me to name them....

At the last YOU'RE NOT FROM ROUND HERE ARE YOU (is that? or !) I slammed the phone down saying something like " If you like you could attempt a reply on the forum"

Anyway, I think I am in the Craven Herald tomorrow so he can see what I look like after 25 years in Yorkshire (I am reluctantly in a photo I think). If you are able to spend 20+ hours writing emails and letters + phoning you can make things happen....We only wanted them to consult and listen. We have achieved that. Not just me but the several /many people who got directly in touch with Woodland Trust ( WT a product of my native county DEVON-THAT'S WHERE I'M FROM MY LOVER)

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