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Paul Pratt
Monday, May 26, 2014 16:46
It's good to see the bunting out again.
But why is it put up after the the motor bike rally, would it not make more sence to put it up before. One it makes the village look good and two people may come back if they seen the sign advertising the fun day.
David Harrison-Young
Sutton Village Committee
Monday, May 26, 2014 17:00
Sutton Village Committee Bunting - for Funday.

The Bunting was put up by the handful of volunteers today as it has to be put up when those few are available to do it (we all work too!) and the weather is suitable - ladders and windy wet weather are not a good mix.
As for the Signs these are already up around the Village and surrounding areas - the Banner has to be put up in fine weather also.

Following previous feedback from residents on the main procession route we put it up only for a short time prior and aim to get it down as soon as possible after the Funday -Sunday 15th June this Year

David Harrison - Young
Sutton Village Committee

Paul Pratt
Monday, May 26, 2014 18:45
Thank you for the response - I was only asking !

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