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Chris Leech
Thursday, October 16, 2008 22:58
Council Tax
Following tonights pathetic attempt by council members, who whish to ignore the voice of the public and who deliberatly defraud their communities, by using stealth tactics as a way to impliment this misguided government proposal.
Could I say that if this grotesque misuse of trust continues then each house hold could withhold their council tax for two months! (Payment could then be submitted on the third month) The result would not only oust the council members, party to this travesty, but the chaos it would generate would echo through the council chambers louder than any protest march.
This public responce would highlight that if we can not trust them with our families lives why would we trust them with our money?
Please note: that this would only work in a unified way! Please let me have your thoughts, by logging onto
Thursday, October 16, 2008 23:55
There is a certain tendency, in most people, when pushed to react with an "up yours". It is likely to get Mr Brown tossed out after his first serious, unavoidable election. Officialdom's response is to find easy victims with which to establish case law. Look at the aggression with which HMRC chases small businesses these days, with the whips of central government targets stinging the tax inspectors' fundaments.

HMRC chases small businesses on the grounds that they're easy targets. They're assumed not to have the legal teams available to big companies, that make pursuit more expensive than it is worth.

So to Sutton, and to our friends in Glusburn, Crosshills and Skipton. Withholding tax is something that gets Authority all excited. Complaining about it is one thing. Actually refusing to pay it wakes them up. But the reaction will be - like all officialdom which resents the fact that it exists at the pleasure of public tolerance - to look for the little guy who they can bully and who can't defend themselves.

So unless you have available a good legal resource, who will donate their time to help that little guy, don't encourage this sort of thing. Lying down in front of bulldozers is much more photogenic and likely to get safer results. Besides, a council that looks stupid after it has already paid for the bulldozer is in a weaker position than one that is merely chasing tax arrears.

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