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Sunday, October 12, 2008 11:34
N.O.D.I.S.C. Now has a web site Please note that this site is intended as a public information portal. It would be cool if All campaign efforts continued to be discussed on this village web forum on the N.O.D.I.S.C. thread.
Sarah Bell
Monday, October 13, 2008 21:39
Hello Campaigners
I would like to say that I am trying with all my might to send an email to object to the proposals and failing - keeps sending back a failed delivery notice. I cannot be at the meeting, as I live in Tottington Lancashire, but this was the email - I will try and snail mail it tomorrow.

To whoever it may concern

I was mortified to learn of the Government proposals to develop Sutton, Crosshills and Glusburn. I regularly visit these areas with my two small children because we enjoy some of the most beautiful and peaceful scenery. The wildlife and pleasant countryside is amongst some of England's finest, the views are breathtaking and it is a haven from our busy lives.

To lose yet more village atmosphere to replace with yet more houses will surely result in greater pollution, busier roads and make once serene areas into just another bustling town - of which we already have far too many.

Quite honestly, I question in these times of poor economy, why there is a need to develop when fewer buyers are investing, less mortgages are granted and so many hundreds of thousands of homes are not selling in a saturated market. But more importantly I am incredulous that anyone could even consider developing on Greenfield sites - mankind is quickly destroying our world and people are desperately in need of green and pleasant countryside. Escaping from the working world and breathing in the fresh country air is for me the best form of therapy a family can have. Why have these areas been targeted? Surely the recent builds opposite the park in Sutton are quite enough, without the destruction of further green belt areas. Soon I envisage a country in which our "green and pleasant land" is just a distant memory and the ever changing colours of the scenery in seasons are but a vision of cold stone and sloping rooftops.

Is there anyone out there in the powers that be who feels, as I do, that some places are best left unspoilt? What about the residents who have chosen to live in a quiet village for the benefit of their families? Do they have a voice? Is it heard? They have wisely chosen to,live in relatively idyllic locations with views and clean air. Are they now to be punished with falling house prices, a growing population, resulting in more crime, more waste and with local businesses being overtaken by larger firms? Surely, there are plenty of other areas to target without spoiling the quaint village life that exists there.

I am certain that if word had been well publicised and visitors/relatives/residents/ people who these proposals affect had all been notified, a huge objection would ensue. I am one person in a small family, a single Mum of two small boys who love the area and we look forward to our time away there. I doubt my words are taken seriously and I doubt that my opinion counts. However, I implore you to please reconsider these proposals and think of the 'smaller people' whose lives would be hugely affected in a very negative way, some might say devastated.

Yours sincerely

Sarah Bell

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