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David Almond
Roscrea, Ireland
Wednesday, August 24, 2016 13:13
George Mellor Sanderson WW1
Has anyone any information on Sanderson's who lived at Croft Head Terrace Glusburn. I have family photographs of George M, Arthur, Thomas and there mother Sarah Ann...The photos belonged to my late grandfather George Sanderson who lived in Formby Merseyside.. Trying to figure out the family connection with Glusburn and Liverpool.Any help would be greatly appreciated. They may also be of interest to local history groups
Josie Walsh
Sunday, September 4, 2016 15:19
Hello David
I checked some of my indexes and can't make a connection with the family coming to Glusburn, it was normally a family member coming into the area looking for work, Hayfield Mill was employing people for millwork, but I have found quite a lot of info about the family. Have you done any research on the family. if you would like to reply to my email I could help with the family.

Copies of the photos you mention would find a good home in Keighley Library (Archives Section)


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