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Roger Davy
Ben Rhydding, Ilkley
Thursday, March 27, 2014 18:51
Researching my father Walter Davy (1894 -1979)
In 1904 my father would have been ten years old. About that time, give or take a year, he loved 'tickling' trout and on one occasion he removed his boots and stockings and was paddling in a Sutton beck catching fish. One day he had four or five fine trout lined up on the bank and he then suddenly looked up and against the sun he saw a pair of brown leather boots and leather gaiters and faded green trousers. A voice said "Who's lad are you?" Dad said "Frank Davy's". "Well" said the voice, "You'd better get home then!" Dad grabbed his boots and stockings and ran home to Jackson Street leaving the fish on the bank.
Dad used to tell me this story and said the owner of the voice was Mr Hartley, through whose land the beck flowed. Please can anyone confirm who and which this Mr Hartley might be? From Hartley's Mill? Is there a photo? And which Sutton beck or stream might it have been?

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