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Robin Longbottom
Saturday, May 4, 2013 08:04
John Cousin Horsfall
Just a note on Tony and Roy's photograph of JCH. He came to Glusburn in about 1865 to 'learn the trade of spinning' from James Hartley who owned Hayfield Mill. His father was in the trade in Hebden Bridge. James Hartley was the second son of Peter Hartley of Prospect House, Sutton (worsted spinner of Greenroyd Mill). JCH married James Hartley's daughter, Elizabeth Ann Hartley, in 1870 and became a partner in the business. Eliabeth Horsfall died in 1887 and JCH subsequently re-married, Sarah Emily Fawcett in 1889, by whom he had further children. James Hartley owned the mill and large parts of Glusburn, he retired from business about 1878 and moved to The Echo, a substantial house in Ilkley, in 1879. He sold large parts of Glusburn to JCH in two transactions of 1888 and 1894. James Hartley died in 1896 and is buried in Sutton Baptist Churchyard, he left 19,371 - 7s - 7d. (the 7s. -7d. was some loose change they'd found in an old suit).

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