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Christine Smith (nee Pickles)
Nathan Jack Productions
Tuesday, March 27, 2007 19:52
Recreational Club At Baptist Chapel
Does anyone remember going to the recreational club at Baptist Chapel.
(circa 1954!) I remember it well, playing Babminton, Table Tennis and going for nice walks! I cannot think of anybodies name who went at the time that I went!

Is there anybody out there?!
Michael Pilling
Saturday, March 31, 2007 09:16
I am too young to remember the recreational club but I wonder who might remember my dad, Eddie Pilling, who was the minister of the church from approx 1959 to 1965. I was 2 when we moved to Sutton and my sister,Karen was 1.
Nathan Jack Productions
Saturday, March 31, 2007 15:34
Hello Michael,

I remember your dad when he was minister. I think it was a few years earlier when he was minister. I will get in touch with my cousin Alan Pickles who I think will remember more about him.
Sunday, April 1, 2007 08:25
Yes I remember your Dad. He baptised me in the old chapel font, full immersion, and had all on to pull me back up. I was 21 at the time. I forgave him for that although some others might not, and asked him to marry my wife and I, which he did. The next time I had anything to remember about him was when I caught him attempting to thumb a lift late one night on Manningham Lane in Bradford. He had been to a meeting in London and had missed his connecting last bus home. I was a policeman at that time and between us we managed to get him home. I don't think that he would fancy thumbing a lift there now. I next came accross his name on show when I was working for a company in the Grimsby area. I passed a chapel with a notice outside listing the ministers for the forthcoming meetings. Your dad was on the following Sunday.
I did not realise that he had only been with us at Sutton for such a short length of time. He certainly left his mark on me.
If you are able, please give him my regards.
Thanks for getting in touch with the site.
David L
Sunday, April 1, 2007 22:37
Hi thre Christine,
Here are a few names, Myself, David Hardaker, David & Christine Briggs, Frank Morrel, John Steel, Ian Monkhouse, Janet Simons, Edward Battersbee, Michael Barrett, David Simons.
These should start up some memories.
Also Rev. Buck was our minister for a long while.
If I remember correctly Walter Thompson started the club as a temperence club and as a spin off we could stay and play various games etc. I suppose it carried on from there. But it certainly was good fun! We also got involved with quite a few Panto's. I have some photos which I will get out and post in to the web.
Talking about Baptism, John Bell had the same problem but as you recall his size, he had to get up and out his self!!!!

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